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Letter to the Editor – Why media failed to question Indira Gandhi’s pre-plans to attack Darbar Sahib?

January 26, 2014 | By

Kanwal Jit Singh Gill (Surrey Canada)

Recently declassified British documents have revealed that Indira Gandhi asked British PM Thatcher in February 1984, for her advice and support for attack on Darbar Sahib. British documents confirm that Indira Gandhi had made plans to use the army to attack the Darbar Sahib (Amritsar) and was trying to get support from various Governments to justify that attack, which was codenamed as Operation Blue Star.

The Indian Media in 1984 had tried to tell the world that Indira Gandhi never wanted to use army to attack the Darbar Sahib and wanted to solve the problem peacefully. One thing that surprises me that Media has always tried to project Indira Gandhi PM who never wanted to use the army to attack the Darbar Sahib but had to do that because of increased [so-called] ‘terrorism activities’ and pressure put on her by BJP leadership, public and Media etc.

Margaret Thatcher (L) and Indira Gandhi (R)

But surprisingly the Media, Human Rights organisations etc. have always ignored the facts that show that Indira Gandhi had started planning to use the army to attack the Darbar Sahib years ago, when so-called terrorism wasn’t even a serious problem in Punjab.

Doesn’t the media know that Indira Gandhi had asked Lt. Gen. S. K. Sinha to start preparing the army to attack the Darbar Sahib 18 months earlier to June 1984? Before asking army to start preparing, Indira Gandhi must have discussed all these plans to attack the Darbar Sahib with her close set of advisers months ago.

In those discussions they must have said that so-called terrorism isn’t a bad problem that deserves army action. Then somebody must have said that we can slowly let things worsen to justify their plans to attack the Darbar Sahib.

Why the Media has never questioned why Indira Gandhi had started making these plans when situation in Punjab didn’t even deserve the army action?

What were Indira Gandhi’s ulterior motives in planning this army action?

When Indira Gandhi discussed these plans with Lt. Gen. Sinha who was supposed to be the next army Chief, But Sinha wasn’t in favor of attacking the Darbar Sahib. But Indira Gandhi was so determined to attack the Darbar Sahib that she decided to bypass Sinha and appointed junior Arun Vaidya as army Chief because he agreed to attack the Darbar Sahib. All these things happened in 1982-83 well before Blue Star Operation in June 1984.

Why the Media has always ignored these facts and never dared to question these plans made in 1982-83?

Later on to justify her plans, Indira Gandhi let things worsen, used Black cats to act as Sikh terrorists and kill innocent persons especially Hindus so that right wing Hindu organisations, BJP, Media, general public etc. started asking Government to attack the Darbar Sahib holding Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale responsible for these events.

And Indira Gandhi played drama pretending to be against army action and wanted to solve the Punjab problems peacefully.

Media has always blamed Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale and Sikh militants for Blue Star Operation and innocent killings.

But Media has never dared to question why Indira Gandhi had started making plans to attack the Golden Temple years ago when terrorism wasn’t a big problem in Punjab?

Why Indira Gandhi bypassed senior S. K. Sinha who opposed the idea of army attack and appointed junior Arun Vaidya as army Chief?

Hopefully one day Media and Human Rights organisations will have the courage to bring such facts before the general public.

BY: Kanwal jit Singh Gill
Surrey, B.C.

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