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Rise up for a healthy and happy Punjab: EcoSikh

January 6, 2012 | By

Amritsar, Punjab (January 06, 2012): Punjab, the land of the five rivers and the ten Sikh Gurus, of hard working men and women, of rich harvests and generous hands, of age old folk traditions, is in trouble.

In the past few years Punjab has been the source of several items of heartbreaking news. Traces of uranium in children and adults of the Malwa region of Punjab is several times higher than the maximum safe limit; Ludhiana and Mandi Gobindgarh are now in the 10 most polluted cities of India, a “cancer train” routinely carries patients from Bathinda to the town of Bikaner in order to get treatment.

“Both the land and the waters of Punjab have become unhealthy and it is increasingly referred to as the pesticide basket of India and the land of black rivers” points out a press statement sent by EcoSikh to Sikh Siyasat Network.

The statement further adds that: “Punjab in addition has the terrible status of being the leading state in the entire world in liquor consumption per capita with 290 million bottles of hard alcohol being bought and drunk every year and according to latest studies, 74% of youths in the state are addicted to drugs”.

This is a challenging and alarming situation for both the people of Punjab and the government and both must stand and rise up for a change towards a healthy and prosperous Punjab.

The EcoSikh has extended its support to the initiative of Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal and other inspiring environmentalists of Punjab who have been toiling hard to do their bit for the wellbeing of all.

It has urged all political parties to include the environment in their manifesto, and then to live up to that manifesto when they take power.

EcoSikh has also strongly advised all Punjabis, whether they live in Punjab or overseas to speak up and convey to the government and the media their constructive thoughts and ideas about the protection of this beautiful land for coming generations.

“EcoSikh believe passionately that a Happy Punjab is a Healthy Punjab, and that a polluted Punjab is an unhappy place for people, wildlife, domestic animals and ultimately for the businesses that are contributing most heavily to the pollution” the statement adds.

“We all must speak and stand up to protect our health, clean air, clean water, healthy and poison free food, rich flora and fauna and introduce planning for the next generations to protect the environment: our health, and the health of our land”, the organization has stressed.

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