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Punjab Water Crisis

Haryana Is Already Getting 18 LAF Water of SYL Canal. Rhetoric of SYL Suits Diversionary Politics

Agriculture and Environment Awareness Center (AEAC) held a series of discussions to discuss various aspects of Punjab's water crisis in 2022. Under this series a discussion on "Loot of Punjab's River waters" was held at Khalsa Gurdwara in Ferozepur Cant on 5 August 2022.

Impact of International Forces and Distribution of Water in Punjab

A Seminar was held at the Sanet Hall, Punjabi University, Patiala on Wednesday (Dated: 19/04/23) on the topic of "Panjab Water Crisis and International Politics" to discuss the day by day increasingly crisis of waters in Panjab.

Why is Punjab, the Land of 5 Rivers, Having to Buy Water?

During the year 2022, the Agriculture and Environment Awareness Center is conducting discussions to bring awareness on various aspects of water crisis in Punjab. Meanwhile, a panel discussion on "Punjab Water Crisis: River Water Issue" was held at Khalsa Gurdwara, Ferozepur Cantonment. In this discussion, Dr. Harmeshwarpal Singh shared his views on the issue of plunder of river waters and the groundwater crisis of Punjab.

Punjab’s River Water Crisis: Legal Political and Economic Aspects

Sikh Youth power of Punjab organized a discussion on the issue of Punjab river waters at Hoshiarpur on 3rd August 2019. Speaking during this discussion, Bhai Mandheer Singh discussed how Indian law and legal procedures were played with by the Indian state to loot the river water of Punjab.

Punjab Water Crisis : What Can Be Done To Overcome It? Malkeet Singh Basant Kot

Punjab is facing deepening ground water crisis. Around 80% of rural development blocks of Punjab are overexploited in terms of extraction of ground water as compared to ground water recharge.

Center’s Move to Steal Punjab’s Representation in BBMB

The Union Government of India (GoI) has changed rule for appointment of members of the Bhakhra Beas Management Board (BBMB). New rules, reportedly notified on 23 February 2022 has removed the condition of appointing BBMB member (power) from the state of Punjab. Now the appointment can be from any state.  In this podcast, Sikh Siyasat editor Parmjeet Singh has discussed this issue.

How Severe is Punjab’s Ground Water Crisis? Will Punjab’s Ground Water Vanish by 2040?

Agriculture and Environment Awareness Center held a discussion to mark UN Nature Conservation Day on 28th of July 2021. Speaking during this event Parmjeet Singh presented data related to Punjab's ground water crisis and said that the situation is so severe that if we do not change the pattern of ground water use, then Punjab would turn desert by 2040. He said Punjab is set to consume its ground water resources by 2040 at present rate of over-extraction of ground water.

Loot of Punjab’s River Water by India : Talk with former IAS Gurtej Singh

Agriculture and Environment Awareness Centre talked to former IAS Gurtej Singh about Punjab's river water issue. S. Gurtej Singh said that Punjab's river waters are 'looted' by India in violation of provisions of the Indian constitution, Indian law and internationally accepted 'riparian rule' and "Helsinki regulations'. This is full video recording of talk with S. Gurtej Singh.

Punjab Ground Water Crisis – Past, Present and Future

  Punjab’s farmers have been protesting against new agricultural laws enacted by the Government of India (GoI). Other sections of the Punjabi society, especially the ...

Diversification Plans Dumped?: Punjab Government Prepones Paddy Plantation by 10 Days

Punjab has been facing ground water crisis for past few decades. The crisis is largely attributed to 'wheat-paddy crop circle'.

SYP President Paramjit Singh Mand on Punjab’s Water Crisis & Loot of Punjab River Water

Sikh Youth of Punjab president Paramjit Singh Mand shared his views about loot of Punjab river water and its impact on water crisis in Punjab and resultant adverse effects on society and civilisation of Punjab.

Aiming at Further Centralising Its Powers, Centre Plans to Merge Inter-State River Water Dispute Tribunals

In a move which will further centralise powers of the Union government of India in matters related to "inter-state river water disputes", the Modi government cabinet has given approval to an amendment bill seeking to merge different inter-state river water dispute tribunals into a single entity.

Sikh Youth Body Criticises Amarinder Singh, Sukhpal Khaira on River Waters Issue

The Sikh Youth of Punjab has criticised the statement of Punjab CM Amarinder Singh that surplus water was being discharged as a precautionary measure to prevent flooding in the areas along the Sutlej and Beas.

Ground Water Depletion: Punjab Moving Toward Turning Into Desert

Eastern part of Punjab, the land of five rivers, is moving towards turning into desert. A news report (dated 15 May, 2019) in The Tribune (TT) notes that a draft report of the Central Ground Water Board (North-Western region) has warned that Punjab will be rendered a desert within 25 years if the exploitation of its underground water resources continues at the current rate.

International Study Finds High Level of Arsenic in East and West Punjab Groundwater

An international study has revealed that majority of some 90 million people who live in the East and West Punjab regions in Pakistan and India drink and cook with untreated well water that is contaminated with arsenic.

Punjab: 3 Killed in Ferozepur in Soil Erosion While Repairing Khooi

Punjab is facing severe ground water depletion crisis as the state's river is allocated to non-riparian states like Rajasthan, Delhi and Haryana by the Indian state.

Capt. Amarinder Singh Harms Punjab’s Interests by Seeking Intervention of Centre in Ravi Waters: Dr. Dharamvira Gandhi

Dr Dharamvira Gandhi, Member of Indian Parliament from Patiala today termed the demand by Punjab CM Capt. Amrinder Singh for central intervention in Ravi-Beas by waters a ruse to barter Punjab interests.

Punjab CM Wants Centre to Built Dams in Himachal Pradesh to Control Flow of Ravi River Water

A day after the Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said that he has written a letter to Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh to take steps to control the flow of unused water of Ravi river, the later issued a statement today urging the Central Government of India to build dams in Himachal Pradesh for this purpose.

Haryana CM Writes to Punjab CM Asserting Rights Over Ravi Waters

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar yesterday said that he has written a letter to the Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh Ravi river's waters.

Punjab Could Turn Into New Sinking Region on the Earth: Warns Geology Expert

During a press conference held at the Press Club in Chandigarh on April 25, 2018 a retired professor of Geology, Dr. Malkiat Singh Saini said that over exploitation of ground water of Punjab has create another crisis for Punjab which threatens the safety of over ground structures.

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