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Punjab Farmer Returns Land to Nature: 300 Plants Planted For Small Forest in Village Jagatpur

East Punjab has 3.67% of its' area under forest. Most of the forest is concentrated northern parts of the state which fall close Shavlik range of hills.

Punjab Water Crisis : What Can Be Done To Overcome It? Malkeet Singh Basant Kot

Punjab is facing deepening ground water crisis. Around 80% of rural development blocks of Punjab are overexploited in terms of extraction of ground water as compared to ground water recharge.

New Report Reveals Forest Cover of Punjab has Further Dropped; Let Us Spare Some Land For Forest

The forest cover in Punjab has decreased by 2 square kilometres in 2021 as compared to 2019. The forest cover has decreased to 1,847 square kilometres from close to 1,849 square kilometres in 2019, out of total 50,362 square kilometres geographical area in the state.

Water & Soil Conservation Discussion on Nature Conservation Day: S. Avtar Singh Phagwara (Good Grow)

Agriculture and Environment Awareness Centre organized a discussion on conservation of water and earth of Punjab on 28 July 2021. This event was held on World Nature Conservation Day 2021. Environmentalists, including United Nations' Faith for Earth Counselor Baba Sewa Singh (Kaar Sewa Khadoor Sahib); farmers, civil society representatives and activists participated in this discussion and shared their experience and views for conservation of water and earth of Punjab.