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Chaar Sahibzaade Movie

Do movies portraying Guru Sahib are really helpful for Sikh Children?

This video clip is part of a detailed discussion (Part II) by Sikh Siyasat on Nanak Shah Fakir movie. In this clip S. Harkamal Singh Surrey explained that movies on Sikh Gurus can not be a replacement of Sikh parent's duty to tell their children about Sikhi. As the idea of portraying Sikh Guru Sahibs was basically faulty any movie created on that idea won't do anything better to the Sikh children.

Personification of Sikh Gurus through human actor or depiction through Animation, portraits or computer graphics is equally prohibited

Makers of the Nanak Shah Fakir movie are taking a plea that they did not violate Sikh tenets as Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Ji was depicted in Nanak Shah Fakir movie through computer graphics and no human actor has played the role of Guru Nanak ji in this movie.

The controversy over Nanak Shah fakir [Op-Ed]

The controversy over the film based on Guru Nanak Ji's life is growing day by day in the Sikh circles as more and more Sikhs are joining the campaign not to depict the character of Sikh gurus in any form whether pictures, animation or role played by any human being. Long ago it has been unanimously decided by Sikh Panth that the to preserve the sanctity of Sikh Gurus no one will be allowed to publish pictures or portray Gurus in any living form, but this decision has been violated very a time by different organisations and people at various times.

Why depiction of Sikh Gurus in films like Nanak Shah Fakir or Chaar Sahibzaade is wrongful [Video]

Quoting Prof. Harinder Singh Mehboob, another Sikh author Vikramjit Singh (Australia) had termed the depiction of Sikh Gurus as “Roohani Khudkushi” (Spiritual Suicide).

Nanak Shah Fakir like attempt was inherent in recognition of previous movies such as Chaar Sahibzaade

Film producer Harinder Sikka's "Nanak Shah Fakir" (2015) movie is caught into a serious controversy for depicting first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Ji; family members of Guru Nanak Ji and the life of Guru Nanak Ji. The movie is yet to be released but it's tailors confirm that the film is made in violation of Sikh tradition which strictly prohibits depiction of Sikh Gurus in any film/ video or drama etc.

Cause of Concern: ‘Chaar Sahibzaade’ title goes ‘commercial brand’

The is selling water bottles, sippers, cups, mugs, key chains, kirpans, swords, art work and armor sets with bows and arrows with brand ‘Chaar Sahibzaade’.

OP-ED: Depicting Sikh Gurus in Cartoon/ Animation mode amounts to “spiritual suicide”

S. Vijaypal Singh has written a detailed article explaining that how ‘anti-Sikh’ forces are constantly making efforts to dilute the ‘Image’ of ‘Sikh Gurus’ through ‘books and writings’, ‘pictures/ paintings’ and now through ‘cartoon’ and ‘animation’ movies.

Concerns raised over animation mode for depicting ‘Sikh Gurus’

Sikh intellectual S. Ajmer Singh recently raised concerns over animation mode for depicting imago/persona of Sikh Gurus and families of Sikh Guru Sahibs. He was talking to Sikh Siyasat’s editor Parmjeet Singh.