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Dr. Gurmeet Singh Sidhu

New Book “Sikh Drishti Da Gaurav” (by Dr. Gurbhagat Singh) Released at Punjabi University

A new book, "Sikh Drishti Da Gaurav" was released at Syndicate Hall of Punjabi University, Patiala today. The book comprising essays penned by renowned late Sikh thinker Gurbhagat Singh is edited by Sikh political analyst and author S. Ajmer Singh.

Education and Nationalism : Speech of Dr. Gurmeet Singh Sidhu During Seminar at Punjabi University

Students of Punjabi University (Patiala) held a seminar on topic "Education and Nationalism" at Guru Gobind Singh Bhawan, Punjabi University Patiala on May 09, 2018. This is video recording of speech of Dr. Gurmeet Singh Sidhu.

Education And Nationalism: Seminar at Punjabi University (Patiala) on May 9

Students of Punjabi University Patiala are organising a seminar on topic 'Education and Nationalism'. The seminar is being organised in association with Guru Gobind Singh Department of Religious Studies.

Removal of Chapters on Sikh History: Academic Group Wants PSEB to Halt Publication of Class 12 Books

Amidst the controversy over removal of chapters on Sikh history, including the Sikh Gurus period, from class 12th history books published by PSEB, GurGian Institute for Human Concerns (GIHC) has sough immediate estoppel on printing of the books.