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How is Gurbani the ‘intellectual property’ of PTC?

A shameful claim to ownership of Gurbani was made last week by the international TV channel ‘PTC Punjabi’, specifically intellectual property rights over the daily Hukamnama taken at Darbar Sahib, Amritsar.

Deepa Singh [File Photo]

Sikh Organisations and Gurdwara Committees Back Sikh Youth UK

National Sikh Youth Federation (NSYF)- a Sikh youth group based in England, and Naujawani- an online platform for Sikh and Punjabi youth,  have issued statements supporting the Sikh Youth UK and its' founder Deepa Singh.

Cover to Cover: Naujawani Introduces to Must Book “Hum Hindu Nahin”

In its video series titled Cover To Cover, Naujawani.Com introduces worth reading Punjabi and Sikh books. In this week's Cover To Cover Harwinder Singh Mander of Naujawani has introduced Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha's book "Hum Hindu Nahin". This week's video is in Punjabi language.

Illustrated Martyrdom Tradition : Cover to Cover by Naujawani [Video Introduction to Worth Reading Sikh Books]

Cover to Cover is the naujawani guide to Sikh and Punjabi worth reading books. Each week Naujawani introduce a book covering Sikh history, Sikh culture, Punjabi culture, or Sikh/Punjabi literature.

Guru Arjan and His Sukhmani Book by Sirdar Kapur Singh [Cover to Cover by Naujawani]

Naujawani host Harwinder Singh Mander introduces worth reading Sikh and Panjabi books for readers through "Cover To Cover". Harwinder Singh introduced Sirdar Kapur Singh's book "Guru Arjan and His Sukhmani" in a new episode of Cover To Cover that was released on May 08, 2018.

OutJusticed 2 (Review by Harjinder Singh, Akaal Publishers)

I attended the screening of ‘Outjusticed 2’ in Birmingham, UK. I had watched the trailer and vaguely knew it would be about Shaheed Bhai Jaspal Singh (1994 – 2012).

REVIEW – ‘OUTJUSTICED 2’, A Documentary by Sikh Siyasat (JAGDIP SINGH)

‘Outjusticed 2’ is a documentary produced by Punjab-based media platform Sikh Siyasat, and is directed by the news site’s editor Parmjeet Singh.

University Students to Hold Screening of “OutJusticed 2” Documentary At Kings College London Today

Overseas premier of the documentary titled "OUTJUSTICED 2" - depicting the struggle of victims of state oppression will be held today (Thursday, Dec. 08) atKings College, London (Waterloo Campus) at 6 pm.

Is it right that Sikhs put more emphasis on non-Sikh media than their own outlets? [Left v Right]

Left v Right returns to our naujawani channel with a new twist! Every Friday, two individuals will offer up a short debate on a range of Sikh and Punjabi issues to ‎instigate more constructive discussion amongst our viewers.

The ongoing struggle: 1984 [Naujawani.Com talks to Sikh author Ajmer Singh]

Naujawani.Com, a UK based online Sikh portal, recently release two videos under the series "The Ongoing Struggle: 1984". Sikh Siyasat News has decided to share these videos with it's viewers.

Crowd-funding by for film about the June 1984 invasion of Amritsar

A feature film is being made to tell the story of some of those who were trapped inside the Darbar Sahib in Amritsar when the Indian Government invaded in June of 1984. The film is titled ‘Their Last Stand’ and is being made by who are using crowd-funding to enhance their budget for the production. It is the first time that a feature film is being made about this topic outside of South Asia, and is the first film to solely consider the attack on the Darbar Sahib as its subject matter.

Parkash Singh Badal (L), Manmohan Singh (C) and Sukhbir Badal (R)

Incidental Power (a reflection on “Sikh 100” by Harwinder Singh Mander)

Few days back the Sikh Directory UK released a list of 100 ‘powerful’ Sikhs. Harwinder Singh Mander, a frequent blogger with Naujawani.Com has discussed various aspects of the list, and its release, in his recent blog write-up titled “Incidental Power”.

The Holy Union of Anand Karaj

This week in the UK, the BBC broadcasted two starkly different programmes concerning the Anand Karaj – Sikh wedding ceremony. The first was an Asian Network Report Special which aired live at a drive-time slot on radio and can be heard back online. [...]