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Talkshow discussing Wisconsin Sikh Gurudwara Sahib shooting released [Watch Qaumi Masle Ep. 06]

In this episode of fortnightly program Qaumi Masle produced by Sikh Siyasat Multimedia a detailed discussion was held regarding terror strike on Sikh Gurudwara Sahib, Oak Creek, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA in which six Sikhs were killed by an armed Gunman named Wade M. Page. Page has been reported to be member of Bands propagating While Supremacist and Neo-Nazi ideology.

US Gurudwara terror striker Wade M. Page had tried to celebrate Adolph Hitler's birthday few days back

US Gurudwara terror striker had tried to celebrate Adolph Hitler’s birthday few days back

Ludhiana (August 10, 2012): Recent reports in international media suggest that last Sunday's terror striker in a US Gurudwara Wade M. Page last weekend tried to celebrate Adolph Hitler’s birthday in Southern California, where civil rights groups say the 40-year-old Army man has been on their radar for years.