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Satwant Singh Manak

Whistleblower Exposes India’s Murderous Cops (a short review of The Last Killing documentary)

Manak decided to speak out and inform his superiors of the alleged killings—an act that led to his own detainment and, reportedly, his torture. After keeping him in illegal detention for 42 days, the Punjab police filed legal cases against him, accusing him of carrying an unlicensed weapon, theft, and firing on a police party with intent to kill—all false charges, Manak says. He was released on bail and promptly filed a lawsuit in October 1994 against his colleagues, accusing them of torturing and murdering 10 individuals.

Ensaaf releases “The Last Killing” documentary

Amritsar, Punjab (May 23, 2014): According to information available with the Sikh Siyasat News (SSN), Ensaaf, a US based NGO, on May 22 released a documentary titled “The Last Killing”.

Satwant Singh Manak - a witness of Fake Encounters in Punjab

After 19 years whistle blower condemned with fine by the Punjab high court; HC termed extra-judicial killings as ‘special efforts’

Chandigarh/ Punjab (November 26, 2013): In a decision tending to strengthen the blind impunity zone in Punjab as regards mass level human rights abuses committed by Punjab police and other Indian security forces during 1980s-90s in Punjab, the Punjab and Haryana High Court dismissed a petition of former cop who maintains to have witnessed the extra-judicial killing 10 civilians (all Sikhs) by the Punjab police.

Fake Encounters in Punjab: Whistle-blower cop waiting for petition to be heard for last 19 years

Amritsar, Punjab (July 29, 2013): A Punjab police constable who had joined the police force in early 1990s witnessed about 15 innocent killings by police officers. He decided to blow a whistle against this unlawful practise; so he quitted the police force and filed a petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court in 1994, informing the cold blood murders by the Punjab police that were witnessed by him.