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Sikhs in Huston

Kanwaljit Kaur

Sikh groups call on Obama to reinstate IRS agent fired for wearing Article of Faith

Washington, DC (February 02, 2014): According to information shared by United Sikhs, a US based NGO, [o]n January 28, 2014 letters were sent to President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder by twelve major American Sikh advocacy organizations, including United Sikhs, calling on the Obama Administration to immediately reinstate Kawaljeet Tagore, a Sikh IRS Agent based out of Houston, TX fired in July, 2006 for wearing a kirpan, a Sikh religious article of faith.

Kanwaljit Kaur

Ex-IRS Sikh employee may carry Kirpan to work pending court decision

Huston, United States (December 12, 2013): As per information the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in Houston, Texas, questioned a lower court’s decision November 13 that disbarred a former IRS employee from wearing her three-inch Kirpan to work.

Kanwaljit Kaur

Houston Sikh woman’s rights possibly violated by ban on Kirpans in IRS building

Houston, US (November 20, 2013): It is learnt that a Houston Sikh woman Kawaljeet Kaur has been fighting for her right to carry Kirpan into a downtown Houston federal building for nearly nine years and it appears now that the law may be on her side.