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William Hague

Will William Hague raise the 1984 Sikh Genocide in his India visit and remain true to his word?

Foreign Secretary William Hague and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne today started a high-level two-day visit to India, heading the biggest ever delegation to meet the new Indian Government.

Manchester Sikh students tell William Hague ‘guilty must be punished’ over Amritsar massacre

Manchester, Punjab (February 21, 2014): As per media reports Sikh students across Manchester have stressed the importance of fighting for the truth over the possible SAS involvement in the 1984 Amritsar killings.

Bhai Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK)

UK complicity in Amritsar Massacre – Cabinet Secretary report has Inherent limitations: Sikh Federation UK

London, UK (February 18, 2014): According to a written statement released by the Sikh Federation UK, the recently released UK cabinet secretary's report about UK links with June 1984 attack on Darbar Sahib confirms the fact that the review only examined files and documents from December 1983 through to June 1984.

UK Sikh Diaspora outraged over British Govt’s disclosure about links with attack on Darbar Sahib

London, United Kingdom (February 06, 2014): In a recently released report of Cabinet Secretary, the UK Government admitted it's role in 1984 army attack by Indian state against the Sikhs. Though the British report and UK's Foreign Secretary William Hague attempted to underplay the issue by saying that British advise in India's deadly attack of June 1984 was "limited" and had "little impact"; but the Sikh diaspora is viewing these admissions more seriously.

UK and 1984 attack – William Hague rejects repeated requests from Labour MPs for an apology

London, United Kingdom (February 04, 2014): According to information Labour MPs Mike Gapes, Pat McFadden and Chris Williamson during a Parliamentary meeting in the House of Commons on February 04, 2013 suggested that, even if Britain did just offer advice to India regarding armed action against the Sikhs back in 1984, an apology was still merited.

Letter to UK Foreign secretary William Hague by MP Tom Watson on recent disclosures of British link to June 1984 attack

If the documents are authentic, it shows that Britain secretly provided planning advice to India’s military in the build up to the raid on the Golden Temple, Amritsar in 1984. Please confirm whether the enclosed documents are indeed official government records.