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Talkshow discussing “Beyond the Lines – an autobiography” by Kuldip Nayar released on YouTube [Qaumi Masle ep. 5]

July 23, 2012 | By

Ludhiana (July 23, 2012): Senior Journalists – S. Sukhdev Singh, S. Jaspal Singh Sidhu & S. Karamjeet Singh participated in recent talkshow (Qaumi Masle – ep. 5) held by Sikh Siyasat on 22 July, 2012. In this talkshow, that was hosted by S. Baljeet Singh, thorough discussion was held on the issue of controversy surrounding “Beyond the Lines – an autobiography” book by Kuldip Nayar.

In this talkshow senior journalists discussed the analysed the facts, misinformation and distortions as regards events related to Sikh political struggle, recent Sikh history, Anandpur Sahib resolution, armed invasion of Indian army to Sri Darbar Sahib (Amritsar) complex in June 1984 (Operation Blue Star), Kuldip Nayar’s vilified propaganda against Sikh personalities including Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale & Bhai Amrik Singh, and his vilified propaganda against Sikh organizations like Dal Khalsa.

Watch this Talkshow Video on Sikh Siyasat Multimedia’s YOUTUBE Channel.

In this talkshow the participants explored various layers of Kuldip Nayar’s approach to the issues related to Punjab and the Sikhs and termed him as an “extension of thought process of Indian State”.

The issue of so-called apology tendered by Kuldip Nayar and role Ajit (Newspaper) in this regard was also discussed.

S. Sukhdev Singh concluded that despite of all the misinformation and wrongs/mistakes, that could be found all over in this book, this book given many insights to the Indian politics and is a readable book.

S. Karamjeet Singh concluded that this book should be read among aware Sikh circles and there is need to give intellectual rebuttal of this book by Sikh circles.

S. Jaspal Singh Sidhu concluded that the false image of Kuldip Nayar as a sympathiser of Sikhs is now exposed and he would not be able to restored now despite all efforts of Ajit (Newspaper) of Jalandhar.

This talkshow is available on YouTube Channel of Sikh Siyasat Multimedia and it may also be downloaded from Sikh Siyasat Multimedia’s website –

[Qaumi Masle Ep. 5, Talkshow Release Note].

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