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Tug-of-war between Sonia and Modi: Who is more poisonous BJP or Congress – ask ethnic and religious minorities

November 25, 2013 | By

Amritsar, Punjab (November 25, 2013): Taking to jibe at both the BJP and the Congress for playing ‘tug of war’ against each other to establish as to who is more poisonous, the Dal Khalsa claimed that for ethnic minorities both have equal substance of poison in their kitty’s.

Dal Khalsa leaders (L to R) - HS Dhami, Sarabjit Singh Ghuman, Satnam Singh Paunta Sahib, Prabhjot Singh (and others)

Dal Khalsa leaders (L to R) – HS Dhami, Sarabjit Singh Ghuman, Satnam Singh Paunta Sahib, Prabhjot Singh (and others)

In a hard hitting statement party’s spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh said it was highly ridiculous to see the tit-for-tat statements of both Congress head Sonia Gandhi and BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendar Modi accusing each other for containing more poison than other.

He pointed out that one should ask Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, who have been bitten by both Congress and the BJP from time to time as to who was more poisonous.

“To cater Hindu votes, both the parties had competed with each other to degrade ethnic minorities by spewing venom against them, as they have refused to succumb to the dictates of the New Delhi”.

What Congress did with Sikhs in 1984 and in Punjab for decade long, the BJP did the same with Muslims in 2002 and Christians in Orissa in 2008, “It was the poisonous minds of frenzied mob associated with both the parties that spilled bloods of innocents on streets”.

He castigated various factions of the Akali Dal in toeing the lines of either the Congress or the BJP. He said it was ironic that the Sikh polity has been divided into anti-Badal and pro-Badal factions. “Certain factions drive strength from the Congress to give challenge to Badal Dal, which has become second fiddle to the BJP, he alleged.

“The real meaning and motive behind the formation of the Akali Dal as a Panthic Party has got lost ever since its leadership has gone into the hands of those whose sole aim is to enjoy pelf and power.

Dal Khalsa leader stressed on Panthic unity and called upon leaders of all factions of the Akali Dal to “come out of the shadow” of the BJP and the Congress and maintain their independent character.

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