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Two Sikh campaigners in UK to contest MEP elections for the European Parliament

March 24, 2014 | By

London, United Kingdom (March 24, 2014): According to press release by National Liberal Party, two Sikh activists in UK – Jagdeesh Singh and Upkar Singh, shall be standing as candidates in the forthcoming MEP elections for the European Parliament in May 2014.

As per information [b]oth will be part of a multi-ethnic election team of Sikh, Tamil, Kurd, Kashmiri and other community campaigners. The candidates will be standing in the Greater London area, on behalf of the National Liberal Party.

Their campaign will focus directly and substantially on the rights and freedoms of oppressed, subjugated and persecuted nations around the world, including the Sikhs.

[National Liberal Party]

[National Liberal Party]

As per press release Jagdeesh Singh and Upkar Singh have been involved in Sikh campaigns since 1984.

Recently, they were directly involved in the release of the 1984 ‘top secret’ UK Govt documents, on Sunday 12th January 2014, into the mainstream public and media.

As per press release [b]oth committed Sikh campaigners are making the issue of Punjab, 1984 and Punjabi statehood (‘Khalistan’); the primary issue of their election campaign; in common with similar campaigns for Kurdistan, Tamil Ealam, Kashmiri, etc.

The election campaign of the National Liberal Party, supported by ‘Nations Without States’, is uniquely and especially focussed on giving a voice to stateless nations – disrecognised, oppressed, persecuted and subjugated by states like India, Sri Lanka, China, Russian, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Zimbawe and beyond.

The National Liberal Party through its Euro Parliament candidates, who each come from communities directly and substantially affected by oppressive and aggressive government repression and lock-down; is making Self-Determination for all peoples, the core and primary issue of the May 2014 European Parliament election.

Jagdeesh Singh, says, “the world is today a mess of oppressive, superstates who continue to subdue and supress, in a brutal and genocidal manner, numerous small nations. Self-Determination is a natural right for each and all people, to freely and safely decide and govern their own affairs; with their own parliament, own constitution, own police and army and own laws. We want to empower these forgotten, denied, subjugated real nations. Power to the small, real nations!”

Sikhs, Tamils, Kurds, Kashmiris and many more, are all represented in substantial numbers in Greater London. Together they represent 500,000 votes!

This is an opportunity to create direct, authentic, committed representation for their cause, their people and their freedom to have their own state. This is about communities uniting their electoral voting power, and striking a decisive and impacting blow for justice and Self-Determination. Sikhs, Tamils, Kurds, Kashmiris – can all unite, and make a change through ballot box. Create real representation from amongst your grassroot numbers, rather than rely on second-hand, grudging, half-hearted support from others.

London is the world mixed together. Yet we have never seen a Sikh, Tamil, Kurd, Kashmiri or other MEP.

“This will be an unprecedented, ground-breaking election. For the first time in British electoral history, the rights and justice of small nations around the world, who are directly represented in the vibrant mix of London and across the UK, are being given centre-stage in an election campaign”.

“Self-Determination is an overwhelmingly, central condition of international justice and peace, and a primary principle for the conduct of state affairs – externally and internally. Because it is being flagrantly ignored, hundreds of millions of people are around the world are suffering human rights atrocities, war crimes, poverty, dispossession of their lands, denial of their language, genocide, suppression of their indigenous culture, refusal of referendums, ecological contamination and political lock-down” reads the press release.

Jagdeesh Singh and Upkar Singh will be standing for recognition and justice for Punjab, Sikhs, the 1984 genocide, Self-Determination and Khalistan and all nations across the map of India.

“Khalistan is a struggle for ultimate and comprehensive freedom, fundamental recognition, Self-Determination and our collective national right to control and determine our own affairs as an equal amongst the peoples and nations of the world. Khalistan stands for equality of all nations – Tamil, Kurds, Kashmiri, Nagas, Manipuri, Azerbaijaini and more. Khalistan is about internationalism and global equality” reads the press release.

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