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“Water Warriors Punjab” Campaigns to Stop Water Pollution on Satluj River

June 14, 2024 | By

Ludhiana/Phillaur: Every Sunday, regardless of the searing heat, a dedicated group of young volunteers known as the “Water Warriors Punjab” can be seen lining up on the bridge over the Satluj River. With banners in hand, they stand united in their mission to combat water pollution and raise awareness among passersby about the critical importance of preserving this vital waterway.

The Sun blazes overhead, and temperatures soar, yet the unwavering commitment of these volunteers shines even brighter. Their banners carry powerful messages urging people to stop throwing waste into the river. This persistent problem of pollution has long plagued the Satluj, as many individuals discard their trash from the bridge, contributing to the degradation of the river’s ecosystem.

The Water Warriors Punjab, a volunteer-based initiative, not only engage in these awareness campaigns but also take direct action to clean the riverbanks. Their efforts extend beyond the bridge on the Satluj; they have established teams in Ropar and Beas, tirelessly working to restore and protect the river in multiple locations.

Dr. Manjeet, a key organizer and spokesperson for the group, highlights the grassroots nature of their movement. “Most of our volunteers come from the working class. They dedicate their weekends to this cause, conducting awareness campaigns on Saturdays at different locations, but Sundays are reserved for the bridge on the Satluj,” he explains. This structured approach ensures consistent outreach and allows the group to make a significant impact.

Despite their busy professional lives, these volunteers prioritize environmental activism, embodying a spirit of selflessness and community service. Their initiative has begun to resonate with the local population, gradually fostering a sense of responsibility and encouraging others to join their cause.

The Water Warriors Punjab also engage with the public, explaining the harmful effects of water pollution and providing practical tips on how individuals can contribute to keeping the river clean. They emphasize that small actions, such as properly disposing of waste and avoiding the use of single-use plastics, can collectively make a substantial difference.

The dedication of the Water Warriors Punjab serves as a beacon of hope for the Satluj River. Their relentless efforts are not just about cleaning the river; they are about cultivating a culture of environmental stewardship and inspiring others to take part in safeguarding natural resources for future generations. As they stand on the bridge every Sunday, their message is clear: protecting the environment is a responsibility shared by all.


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