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Punjab Water Pollution

Special Coverage of Zira Sanjha Morcha : People Are Determined For Closure of Distillery

People of Zira area are holding a peaceful protest demonstration outside the gate of the distillery owned by Melbros International Private Limited. Protesters maintain that the distillery is causing groundwater pollution. T

Social Activists Step-in as Punjab Government Fails to Curb Water Pollution in Satluj River

Successive government in Punjab have drastically failed to control pollution of Satluj River as untreated industrial effluent continue poison its stream. A team of various social activists were shocked when the saw the ground reality alongside the river.

AAP Leaders Visit Harike Pattan; Call Upon Government To Address Water Pollution

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and MLA Kultar Singh Sandhwan visited visited Harike Pattan along with social activist Gurpeet Singh Chandbaka and environment activist Balbir Singh Sechewal. 

International Study Finds High Level of Arsenic in East and West Punjab Groundwater

An international study has revealed that majority of some 90 million people who live in the East and West Punjab regions in Pakistan and India drink and cook with untreated well water that is contaminated with arsenic.

Toxification of Land, Body and Mind: Social & Economic Fallout of Green Revolution in Punjab

A documentary film "Toxification of Land, Body and Mind: Social & Economic Fallout of Green Revolution in Punjab" will be screened in Chandigarh today.

Capt. Amarinder Singh Protecting Those Who Pollute Punjab Waters: AAP

Condemning Punjab govt. action to prevent leader of opposition Sukhpal Singh Khaira to reach Dhardeo drain at village Buttar Seviyan, the Aam Aadmi Party on Monday (May 28) accused Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh of siding with those who have polluted the waters of Punjab.

Police Prevents Sukhpal Singh Khaira from Inspecting drain near Rana Sugar Mill in Amritsar

Punjab's leader of opposition and Aam Aadmi Party leader Sukhpal Singh Khaira was reportedly stopped from visiting a drain in village Butter Seviyan in Amritsar in Sunday (May 27).

Baba Hardeep Singh Mehraj and Lakha Sidhana Sent to Judicial Custody Till June 6

Dal Khalsa vice-president Hardeep Singh Mehraj and Malwa Youth Federation leader Lakha Sidhana were produced in the court of judicial magistrate 1st Class (JMIC) Amandeep Singh at Talwandi Sabo on Friday (May 25). The court sent them to judicial remand till June 6.

Shahkot Arrest Exposes Punjab Govt. Insensitivity towards Pollution in Punjab Rivers: PBPB Committee

Lakha Sidhana and other activists in 'Pani Bachao Punjab Bachao' Committee had planned to give a challenge to all the candidates contesting Shahpur by-election to drink the water collected by committee members from different rivers of Punjab

Contaminated Water Enters Canals from Harike; Hits Supply of Drinking Water

Punjab is facing major environmental disaster as Beas river water contaminated by chemical leak from a Sugar Mill located in Gurdaspur was started flowing in canals through Harike Headworks.