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Casteism and the Sikh Society: Sikh Political Analyst Bhai Ajmer Singh

May 24, 2020 | By


There is no space for any discrimination on the basis of caste, colour, creed, race etc. in the Sikhi. Sikh Gurus had eradicated casteism and Sikh society was free from the curse of caste. Over the times, casteism has made some inroads into the Sikh society despite the fact that Sikhi strongly rejects and condemns such a discriminatory practise. As the issue of casteism in the Sikh society has been in discussion for past some days, Sikh political analyst Bhai Ajmer Singh approached Sikh Siyasat to share his views on this issue. In this video Bhai Ajmer Singh emphasised that the resurgence of casteism amongst some sections of the Sikhs was not a result of some social degeneration as the casteism was not eradicated by way of some social reform by Sikh Gurus. He said that Sikh Gurus had spiritually enlightened the people and those spiritually enlightened people had formed a society which was free from social evils such as the caste system. He reiterated that the root cause of resurgence of casteist practices in some sections of the Sikh society is that those sections were living at a distance from the ideals set by the Sikh Gurus, and that distance was the result of their spiritual degeneration. He said that spiritual regeneration, and not a mere social reform movement, was the only solution to this problem.

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