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Dal Khalsa delivers message on 25th anniversary of Khalistan Declaration Day

April 30, 2011 | By

Amritsar (April 29, 2011): Today is Khalistan Day. The Panthic Committee constituted by the Damdami Taksal this day 25 years ago this day declared Khalistan as a goal of the Sikh Nation from the Akal Takht Sahib. Earlier organizations like the Dal Khalsa, Babbar Khalsa and the Council of Khalistan had adopted Khalistan as their agenda. Even Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh used to say that the day Indian government attacked Darbar Sahib, the foundation stone of Khalistan would be laid down. However, declaration by the Panthic Committee that came into being through a resolution adopted at Sarbat Khalsa on Jan 26, 1986 carried more significance and weight. It gave further teeth and acceptance to the Sikh struggle.

In the wake of the declaration, Sikhs fought a pitch battle with the Indian state. During the course of struggle, many Sikhs lost their lives. Today, we pay homage to all those who embraced martyrdom for the cause. We also remember all those who have been languishing in jails since long especially Prof Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar, Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana, Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara and Bhai Daljit Singh. We also pay our respect to each family and people who suffered during the struggle either in jails or at interrogation centres. We are thankful to all those who joined that struggle but could not sustain state’s onslaughts and left it half-way. However, we regret those who left the path to gain political mileage.

Khalistani factions and personalities active in US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland and many other places abroad are pillar of courage and support for us. Since the beginning of the struggle, witnessed enough bloodshed. We express ourcdeep regret for all innocents irrespective of his/her religion and class, who lost their lives during the course of Sikh war with India. If someone died in Punjab just because he was not a Sikh, if some one had to leave Punjab just because he was not a Sikh and if someone had to wear a turban to conceal his identity to save his life, it is shame for all of us. But if a person is killed, his national honour is ruined and shrines are set ablaze outside Punjab just because he is a Sikh, then who would be shameful?

Today there is dire need to evaluate the past events in a serious and sympathetic manner. We regret killings of all those irrespective of religion, of those who were unconnected with the movement. We realize that like the international community, Punjabi Hindus too have developed misgivings about the Sikh struggle to which we are always prepared to address their concerns.

To this day, Punjab’s natural resources especially river waters are being robbed, legitimate rights and fundamental freedom denied. Except the Sikhs no other Punjabi is bothered. This bothers us. To save and protect the interests of Punjab, all Punjabis would have to put up a united front because Punjab belongs to all- Hindus, Muslims,Christians and Sikhs, who are its citizens.

To achieve Punjab’s sovereignty and freedom, unity amongst Punjabis is necessary. From the word freedom, we mean the same as Indians meant before 1947. Today situation is somewhat different. There is a sea change in the situation whether it’s world, India or Sikhs. Many Sikhs have perceived that Khalistan is a lost dream. There is an air of despondency all around but we would like to make it clear that such situation would not deter our resolve nor would it weaken our strength. Not because we are very brave but because we are realistic and fully prepared for prolonged struggle.

Notwithstanding our numbers, after performing Ardas at Akal Takht we declare: According to Sikh Guru’s ideals and principles, each person has equal rights to live, move forward and protects his/herreligious and fundamental freedoms. Khalistan is our lifeline. We are entering into the next phase of the struggle with a difference that is to address all questions related to the existence of Khalistan andallay all misgivings and notions through open dialogue and deliberations. This will be beginning of new phase for both pro and anti-Khalistan people and elements.

Sticking to non-violent path, we urge the international community, Indian state and the Hindus of Punjab, let’s commit ourselves to keep the next phase of struggle which would be peaceful. The spirit and ideal behind the martyrdom of Ninth Master Guru Teg Bahadur ji, who sacrificed his life for those beliefs and rituals in which he had no faith, will always enlighten our path and actions.

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