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Identifying India’s Anti-Sikh Strategy and Our Next Steps: Panth Sewak Collective

September 29, 2023 | By

Amritsar: Panth Sewak Collective issued an important joint statement today. The statement reads, in verbatim, as follows:-

Joint Statement

Sikhs are currently facing a tumultuous situation full of significant challenges as well as numerous opportunities. Whatever is transpiring around us today is due to Guru Sahib’s kala (mystic grace) and Khalsa jee’s simran, ardaas, sangarsh, shahadat, and sabar-sidak. It is through Guru’s Sahib’s support and sidhant (principles) that Sikhs have once again attained prominence in the wider region, especially after the selfless feats accomplished during the pandemic and our decisive role in the collective struggle mobilized during the Kisaan Andolan (movement). While we will be heavily tested in this position, the doors of opportunity are also wide open as a result.

India’s bipparvadi rulers are terrified by this capacity and strength, which is why they are working in overdrive to undermine our reputation and collective capacity. We saw this clearly during the wave of arrests of Sikh naujawan in March this year, the ongoing censorship of Sikh and Punjabi media outlets, and the intense psyops unleashed through Indian media (ie. propaganda). The targeted assassinations of Khalistani leaders and those committed to Sikh liberation in foreign countries is the next phase of this unfolding strategy.

The arrogant rulers of the Delhi darbar (throne) attacked and murdered prominent Sikh leader, Bhai Hardeep Singh Nijjar. The subsequent revelations made by Canada’s Prime Minister that Indian agents were responsible for this murder however, are not limited in relevance to Sikhs, Canada or even India. This unfolding incident is firmly rooted in the geopolitics of the South Asian region and is intertwined with the interests of different global powers.

Canada used the highest political authority (the Prime Minister) and the highest institutional platform (Parliament) to level its accusation against India for violating customary international law. In doing so, the Canadian Prime Minister also referenced secret intelligence obtained from a partner in the ‘Five Eyes Alliance’, which includes the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. This tells us that Canada’s actions are in fact being driven by the broader strategy of Western powers in South Asia.

Canada’s action against India in this case, was a carefully deliberated step made by the Western powers. The murder of a Khalistani Sikh leader in Canada by Indian agents is obviously significant for Sikhs, but this issue is fast developing into an international showdown which places Sikhs and Khalistan at the centre.

The gravity of the situation requires that Sikhs remain alert, particularly about the role and involvement of international powers. The involvement of any global power, including the Western powers, is always related to their own interest. Because of our history and geographical positioning today, Sikhs are now at the centre of the geopolitical and geostrategic conflict of multiple powers. Within the confines of South Asia, Sikhs are precariously surrounded by antagonistic nuclear powers on all sides. In a situation of outright conflict, the impatience or mistake by any of these parties may lead to catastrophe for us.

The other perspective to all of this is that alongside these existential threats and risks, newfound opportunities are also presenting themselves to us. In light of the current issue, we have been presented a golden opportunity to present our vision and idea of Khalistan to the world, even though we are not prepared to fully capitalize on this opportunity at the moment.

Evaluating the entire situation, the bipparvadi rulers of Delhi will maintain their aggressive onslaught against us. Whereas Muslims were already explicitly being targeted by the state, significant segments of the Sikh population will also be targeted in the near future for advocating for Khalistan.

While global politics and media outlets are centring their discussions around the concept of Khalistan today, the Indian state will deploy all of its available resources to demonize and isolate Sikhs in general, and those of us linked with Khalistan specifically. This is why the state will continue to disingenuously attach narcotics, gangsters, and organized crime to Khalistan–despite the lack of connection in any way. All in all, the Indian state seeks to isolate us as it had done to Sikhs prior to 1984. This is why the government and media is consistently attacking the character of the Sikh sangarsh, Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Khalistani leadership and those speaking about Sikh liberation.

Throughout this all, the Indian state is fanning flames of division within Sikhs spaces while simultaneously undermining Sikh institutions, organizations and leadership. The state hopes to intensify the tendency of some Sikh groups to point the finger of blame to attack other Sikhs and push it towards open conflicts. Using such conflict as an excuse, the Indian state wants to pit Sikhs against one another in order to eliminate those elements it is threatened by.

In order to effectively confront the risks of this situation, the Gursangat and Khalsa Panth must identify some long-term and immediate tasks.

Right now, the main vulnerability the state is able to exploit and use to repress us, is the disarray and lack of a coherent unifying force between Sikh organizations, sampardas, political parties and jathay. In the current situation, while the Takhat Sahib and Gurdwara administration are directly or indirectly under the influence of the Indian state, Sikhs need to erect an alternative jatha (unit) comprised of selfless personalities and Sikhs imbued with the values of traditional “Akalis”. Through panch pradhani leadership and gurmatta-based decision making, this jatha could provide the impetus to reorganize and strengthen the scattered groups and jathay around the world. This jatha can operate in accordance with the chalda vaheer (moving caravan) tradition of the Panth, as Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib is currently occupied by forces beholden to the Indian state.

Sikh jathebandiyan throughout the world need to similarly organize themselves in light of panthic tradition and according to their local conditions so that panch pradhani collective leadership and gurmatta-based decision making can be reinstituted.

Further, while various world powers are focussed on Sikh issues, we need to immediately implement the following tasks:

Sikhs must boldly advocate for our perspectives and clearly articulate the sacred concept of Khalistan. The Indian propaganda machine, working against Khalistan and Sikh liberation, must be exposed.

It is imperative that the Guru Khalsa Panth maintains the uniqueness of our divine patshahi daava, and articulate our unique vision for a Sikh before the world.

The historic and ongoing human rights violation and repression should be exposed. Sikhs, especially those in Western countries, must raise the issues of the ghallughara in June 1984, Sikh genocide in November 1984, and the crimes against humanity through the 1980s-90s at different international fora.

Raise the issue of India’s cultural genocide, evident in the state’s constant efforts to neutralize and undermine Sikh political, spiritual and social institutions.

Highlight India’s censorship of Sikh and Punjabi media outlets and repression of the freedom of expression throughout the world.

Sikhs must develop solidarity and cooperation with other friendly forces, including other nationalities and peoples, SC and ST communities, and other resistance movements.

Sikhs must identify entities within our own ranks who knowingly or unknowingly engage in factionalism internally which only further India’s own strategy. These factions must be approached with humility and genuine intent to discourage them from doing the Indian state’s won work.

Sikhs must increase our internal coordination and dialogue. Our situation is clearly taking a dangerous turn. Concrete steps must be taken to facilitate dialogue and trust-building initiatives that will help us transcend factional differences and interests. We are also making all efforts we can in this regard, and we implore all other Sikhs to take this initiative forward.

Panth Sewak Collective:

Bhai Daljit Singh
Bhai Narain Singh
Bhai Lal Singh Akalgarh
Bhai Bhupinder Singh Bhalvaan
Bhai Satnam Singh Khandewala
Bhai Rajinder Singh Mughalvaal
Bhai Satnam Singh Jhanjian
Bhai Sukhdev Singh Dodd
Bhai Amrik Singh Isru
Bhai Hardeep Singh Mehraj
Bhai Manjit Singh Phagwara

13 Assu, 555 (Nanakshahi)
29 September, 2023 (CE)

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