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Indian politicians led by Narendra Modi are preparing to give a kick in the teeth to Britain: Sikh Federation UK

July 25, 2015 | By

London, UK: A press release by the Sikh Federation UK reads:David Cameron and his ministers have been courting their Indian counterparts for trade but without seeing anything substantial in return.

Britain wants to increase trade with India, but it is being suggested ‘Indian patriots’ may seek reparations of close to £2 trillion from Britain in the International Court of Justice. The current British Government needs to rethink its strategy towards India and choose its friends carefully.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor (his family did quite well during and after the colonial rule) quoted lots of statistics in his speech in May e.g. contribution of the Indian army in World War 1 and World War 2, but overlooked the fact that the minority Sikh community paid the largest price.

David Cameron (L), Narendra Modi (R) [File Photos]

David Cameron (L), Narendra Modi (R) [File Photos]

Hundreds of thousands of Sikhs answered the call of Britain and the Allies in both world wars with over 83,000 turban-wearing Sikhs sacrificing their lives, with over 109,000 wounded. Shashi Tharoor conveniently failed to mention this.

Narendra Modi is backing Shashi Tharoor’s call for reparations that will make his forthcoming visit to the UK in November even more controversial.

Last week one of the Hindu leaders said India would become a Hindu state by 2020 and the world would be dominated by Hindus by 2030. Such inflammatory comments have not been lost of the likes of the establishment in Britain, US, China and others.

Bhai Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK) said: It’s about time the British Government take the moral high ground and adopt a stand with the loyal British Sikhs and turn the tables on India for what they have doing since independence. The Genocide of the Sikhs in1984 and targeting other religious minorities e.g. Christians needs to be exposed on the world stage.

‘The Anglo-Sikh relationship has existed for over 200 years and based on a number of friendship treaties. Sikhs are not asking for reparation from Britain or India for what has happen and continues to transpire to the Sikh Nation. Instead we are demanding the truth, justice and our freedom.’

‘Sikhs were the third party with whom the British negotiated for the transfer of power in 1947 and offered a separate Sikh homeland and a ten year agreement of military assistance and support for the Sikh administration. The Sikh leadership at the time accepted promises and solemn assurances made by the leaders of India, but the latter reneged on these promises.’

‘The British Government should lead international support for the Sikh demand for independence. Sikhs have demonstrated throughout their history they are tolerant freedom-loving people. A powerful Sikh Nation backed by the world powers would be a much valued asset in the current fight against intolerance and extremism across the globe. Indian politicians like Narendra Modi and his extreme patriotism will prove to be disastrous. The international community need to not only recognise and accept this, but take actions to counter it.’

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