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Rajoana appeals to the Sikh nation to recite Gurbani to pay homage to Chhote Sahibzade

December 24, 2012 | By

Patiala/Ludhiana, Punjab (December 24, 2012): According to Daily Pehredar, a local Punjabi daily, Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana has recently issued an appeal to the Sikh nation to recite Gurbani in the memory of Chhote Sahibzade, the younger sons of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who were martyred by Wazir Khan, Nawab of Sirhind in 1705.

The appeal has been issued by way of a letter from prison, as Bhai Rajoana is currently confined in Patiala Jail.

Daily Pehredar (December 24, 2012) Page 03

“First of all I pray before Almighty God; may the Khalsa Panth forever remain steadfast and in high spirit” begins the letter.

“Khalsa Ji in relation to the remembrance gatherings for the martyrdom of the younger sahibzade, ‘Sri Akal Takht Sahib’ issued an edict (aadesh) that on 27 December at 10:15 am, Every gursikh should recite the Mool Mantar and Guru Mantar 5 times” the letter continues.

The letter dated December 22, 2012 is said to have been written by Balwant Singh Rajoana from Kothi No. 16, Central Jail, Patiala, Punjab.

It reads further as follows:

“Khalsa Ji, I humbly request the entire Khalsa Panth to unite and to comply with the edict issued from ‘Sri Akal Takht Sahib’. I humbly request that in complying with the edict issued from ‘Sri Akal Takht Sahib’ the entire Khalsa Panth should offer their respects to the younger sahibzade in such manner that it should become an event in history to be proud of. At this time, every gursikh, regardless of where they reside, should take time out of their normal routines and unite only in the rememberance of the younger sahibzade. All cars, buses, trucks, all means of transport operated by Sikhs of the 10th master Guru Gobind Singh Ji should be parked by road sides on 27 December at 10:15am. All Sikhs of the 10th master Guru Gobind Singh Ji in Homes, offices, schools, colleges, shops, farms, should dedicate those moments only to the younger sahibzade and try to feel from with-in / be part of the moment when the sahibzade attained martyrdom, and to be one with God and as a sign of respect to the sahibzade, recite the Mool Mantar and Guru Mantar 5 times”.

“In all parts of the world, where-ever Sikhs of the 10th master Guru Gobind Singh Ji reside, should feel as if the normal worldly routine has come to a stand still at 10:15. It should feel as if the entire Sikh nation has dedicated those moments only to the Sahibzade and is paying its respects to those great martyrs. Let us, the Khalsa Panth, unite and make it a routine to to offer our respects to the Sahibzade every year in such manner that the sacrifices of these great martyrs continue to be an inspiration for our generations to come”.

“These special respects paid by us in this manner will be a uniting factor for our sikh nation and will create a separate identity for us in the entire world. This will continue to unite our generations to come with Sikhi and will also be sincere respects to the great martyrs. To always see the Khalsa Panth successful and in high spirits is my desire”.

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