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Stop Repression and Illegal Detention of Sikhs Youth in Punjab Under Lawless Laws like UAPA: ASC

July 17, 2020 | By

Chandigarh: In a written statement (copy with SSN) the American Sikh Council (ASC) has expressed grave concerns about the alleged “illegal detention of innocent Sikh youth” across the state of Punjab in the past two weeks.

ASC said: [s]ince late June 2020, over dozen Sikhs have been arrested around Punjab including Lovepreet of village Shadipur in Kaithal district of Haryana and Iqbalpreet Singh of Fatehgarh Sahib who are from poor working-class families who are not only trying to live honestly but volunteering for the welfare of others. They have been arrested on trumped up charges under the UAPA law and have little chance of ever getting out of jail, while trying to prove their innocence of a crime they do not even understand.

ASC said that a true democratic structure can only work when the system is based on the full consent of and by the people it represents. In a country which is probably the most diverse on Earth, the only way it can function is to have federally independent states with each having a large degree of autonomy while joined together as whole but with the full consent of the states – like the United States of America.

Using age old Hindu statecraft of ‘Chankyaniti’ the ruling regime is enacting archaic (illegal) laws all under the guise of stopping so-called terrorism or alleged anti-national activity to intimidate all minorities (religious and non-religious) so that they never ask for their legitimate rights, said ASC.

“In the last twelve months, first the brute Hindu majority enacted the Article 370, overnight to first split the state of Kashmir in two, second clamping down and shutting down the entire (new mini-Kashmir) state, including all communication internally and to the outside world since August of 2019, reads the release.

“In December 2019 a new CAA, NPR, NRC laws were enacted again overnight to target 200 million Muslims who are citizens of India. These arcane and obtuse laws put the onus of responsibility on the common citizen to prove whether or not they are legitimate citizens of the country, where many of the rural poor did not register births till the late 70s and early 80s”, it reads further.

“Moving forward, today the ‘Unlawful Activities Prevention Act 1967’ (UAPA) law which is an undemocratic and an extremely dangerous law to begin with, is being used to terrorize and demonize common Sikhs across Punjab”, it reads.

The American Sikh Council said that since the Indian regime is constantly afraid of its own shadow, the Brahminical power brokers lash out at anyone who threatens their illegal hegemonic control. The Indian government has always been a right-wing Hindu one, except today it is overt and brazen, while looking for the flimsiest of excuses to target innocent Sikhs and quell all possible dissent. The Indian intelligence called the R&AW always finds the Pakistani Muslim intelligence, the ISI as a perfect ruse to malign Sikhs as “anti-national or terrorists”. There is an over 1,000-mile electrified fence from Punjab to Rajasthan with little chance of even a mouse getting through, yet at the drop of a hat somehow poor working-class Sikh men get trained by top ISI agents, whenever the Punjab Police decides it is time to spill Sikh blood! Proof is never provided, since weapons and material are always mysteriously planted on the detainee and who either accepts their fate, or are murdered through the fashionable ‘encounter killing’ under the use of the draconian Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA).

The Biparvadi-Indian government wants to bring the age-old caste system, based upon the Manu smriti (Brahminical Hindu Religious Code), where human beings are classified into four major classes so that the small brahmin-bania clique can continue to rule over all other classes and religious minorities. It is surprising that all the large mature democracies such as, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and the US are still calling India the largest democracy in the world, and no country is willing to help the minorities being crushed under their draconian laws. It is shameful that the even current Chief Minister of Punjab Amrinder Singh has not objected to the UAPA laws being enacted, ASC said.

Its rather strange that not a single upper-caste, especially a Brahmin-Hindu has ever been detained under all these nefarious laws, but there are always Sikhs, Muslims, and others who are expendable and treated as sub-humans because they will not fit into or accept the Brahminical caste straightjacket, maintained ASC.

Referring to Punjab MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira, ASC quoted him saying “The Punjab Police in all the police districts are making lists of youngsters (Sikh girls and boys), even if they have liked a post of ‘Referendum 2020’ on social media.”

The cooked up ‘Khalistan modules’ by the Indian government are ideal to garner the Hindu vote bank not only in Punjab but all across India. Hindu-India is making sure that an extreme fear psychosis must be propagated continuously in order to subjugate the freedom and liberty loving Sikhs, so that they never question their permanent second-class status in India, claimed ASC.

The Sikh diaspora group has appealed to the leaders of India to rise to the likes of ‘Mandela’, and save it from itself; Otherwise, ASC added, the current cadre of ‘Hitlers’ who are ruling, can ruin India.

“We hope better wisdom will prevail and the sensible, right thinking people of every religion and others join together in order to make change based on highest standards of humanistic and universal values for a better tomorrow for everyone, and not just for the ruling majority”, the concluding line of ASC’s statement reads.

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