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Red rivers of Punjab – A history of violance & corruption under Badal regime

Prakash Badal is a politician in Punjab, India whose name will forever be remembered in the region's political history. Badal has served a total of five terms as Chief Minister beginning in 1971 when he was elected as the youngest Chief Minister in any Indian state. After winning the 2007 election he was re-elected in 2012 making him the only Chief Minister in Punjab’s history to win two consecutive terms of power.

A letter to Egypt from Punjab (Canadian Sikh Coalition)

Dear Egypt, I am writing you this letter in hopes that you will clarify the following questions for me; who is Thomas Friedman? And why is he giving you such terrible advice? I don’t understand why a man so far away from your struggle would tell you to become like another struggle he is foreign to.

India brings back draconian law to supress dissent – Canadian Sikh Coalition

Vancouver, BC (November 22, 2012): In Ludhiana, Punjab a special Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA) court sentenced 12 Sikhs to a ten year imprisonment for a bank robbery case. This case has been running for the past 25 years and though TADA expired in 1995, since the case was initiated under this Act it was used in order to carry out the sentence.

Stephen Harper with Manmohan Singh

Harper and India: Conversations on extremism

According to a report released by Public Safety Canada, "words such as "radical", "radicalization", "extremist", "terrorist" and "terrorism" are used interchangeably by some and differentiated by others. The abundance of terms is confusing and can be misleading...Any assessment of an individual's risk for violent extremism should be sensitive to the meaning of these terms, their differentiation from each other, and the intent of the violence." [...]

Three decades after Operation Bluestar – biased media outlets still stalk the Sikh Community

The name "Jonathan Kay" is little known in South Asia. But in Canada, Kay's biased editorials against the Sikh community, are considered the most ignorant, and belligerent, articles against minorities in Canada's modern history.

Canadian Sikh Coalition urges NY Sikh Arts and Film Festival to boycott Indian dignitaries

Vancouver, Canada (October 19, 2012): According to a Press Statement by the Canadian Sikh Coalition (CSC) the Sikhs around the world will gather in November to pay homage to all the innocent men, women and children who lost their lives during the state sanctioned genocide 28 years ago.

Over 20,000 petitions signed across North America against detention of Sikh leaders in Punjab

Vancouver, BC (October 9, 2012): According to information last week the Canadian Sikh Coalition and Sikh Youth of America launched a North American campaign, Free the Singh. Petition signing took place in major cities across Canada and the United States with great success as more than 7000 petitions were signed in Canada and more than 9000 in the United States.

Sikh Diaspora initiated efforts against undemocratic detention of Sikh leadership in Punjab

Ludhiana/Punjab (September 26,2012): On Sunday September 30th the Canadian Sikh Coalition and Sikh Youth of America will be launching the "Free the Singh" Campaign to prevent further incarceration and torture of Bhai Daljit Singh Bittu, Bhai Kulbir Singh Barapind and others.

Detention of ADPP leaders: CSC to ensure that political activists are not subjected to state sanctioned violence

In Punjab, India Daljit Singh Bittu and Kulbir Singh Barapind have been arrested by the Punjab police. Kulbir Singh Barapind is the current president of the political party Akali Dal Panch Pardhani and also an elected representative of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee. He is currently the only SGPC member that is not affiliated to Badal from the entire Doaba region. Daljit Singh Bittu is the former president of the ADPP and a long-time political activist.

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird with Indian External Affairs Minister S. M. Krishna

CSC takes strong exception to India’s claims & Canadian Minister John Baird’s disparaging remarks against Sikhs

Vancouver, BC (September 17, 2012): According to media reports carried by various Indian newspapers/news-sites Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, vowed to prevent activities of Sikh “extremists” advocating for a separate homeland in India as per the Indian Government’s request.

Indian Overseas Congress & Khalistan Issue – Canadian Sikhs appeal to Akal Takhat Sahib

Vancouver, BC (September 12, 2012) – Indian Overseas Congress has declared that it wants all Khalistan insignia to be removed from Gurdwara’s in the United States and Canada. Indian Overseas Congress president, Vikram Bajwa, a Surrey resident and former candidate for mayor, has appealed to the Akal Takht to issue a “hukumnaama” (edict) banning Khalistan seals and flags from Gurdwara’s in the United States and Canada.

Indian High Commission’s objections are another attempt to stretch Indian State’s long arm of repression to Canadian soil: CSC

Ludhiana (June 22, 2012): Canadian Sikh Coalition (CSC) has showed it's concern over Indian High Commission's remarks against NDP leader Thomas Mulcair's statement on Remembering 1984.

Canadian Sikhs Commemorate 28th Anniversary of June 1984 Ghallughara

Vancouver, BC (June 7, 2012): The first week of June holds great significance for the Sikh community as they commemorate and remember the victims of the week-long siege and invasion of the Darbar Sahib complex in 1984 by the Indian Army.

Injustice with Sikhs in India – HRW recommendations are welcomed, but they are not a solution: CSC

Vancouver, BC (May 28, 2012): In a report made public recently, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has pressured India to lay charges against the individuals responsible for the massacre of Sikhs in 1984.

Canadian Sikhs applaud MP Jasbir Sandhu and NDP Caucus

Ottawa, Canada (March 27, 2012): Following a petition campaign organized by the Canadian Sikh Coalition, Jasbir Sandhu, NDP MP from Surrey North, addressed Canadian Parliament today with regards to the looming execution of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana to which he received a standing ovation. Canadian Sikhs applaud this initiative of the NDP caucus.

Turban santching by Police infringes religious rights: Canadian Sikh Coalition

Vancouver, CANADA (March 31, 2011): Two police officers who tore off a Sikh’s turban on Monday during a peaceful rally by pharmacy students in Mohali, Punjab were suspended with pay. They should be fired, say leaders of the Canadian Sikh Coalition.

Cash for vote proves Indian Democracy is non-existant

Vancouver, CANADA (March 21, 2011): The news group Wikileaks revealed on Thursday that Indian Congress Party (INC) leaders showed U.S. officials cash they used to buy the support of MPs in a 2008 confidence vote. This revelation in the cash for votes scandal, described by the Canadian Sikh Coalition (CSC) as typical of Indian politics, also implicates Cabinet Minister Kamal Nath, who personally led a homicidal mob in 1984.

Canadian Sikh Diaspora want scrutiny of Sikh man’s custodial death

Vancouver (March 15, 2011) Sohan Singh, an Amritdhari Sikh, died under suspicious circumstances on Monday while in custody of Indian police forces in Punjab. The circumstances indicate foul play, claimed the Canadian Sikh Coalition (CSC), which asserted that Singh was tortured in custody by police for a week before his death.

Shooting of Elk Groove Sikhs threatens Freedom of Religion: Canadian Sikh Coalition

Surry (March 8, 2011): Two elderly members of the California Sikh community were shot on Friday while walking in a Sacramento suburb. Surinder Singh, 65 and Gurmej Singh Atwal, 78, were on a late afternoon stroll in Elk Grove when an unknown suspect in a pickup truck opened fire on them. Police believe they were most likely targeted after being mistaken for Muslims because they were wearing dastaar. Mr. Singh died of his injuries and Mr. Atwal remains in critical condition.

Canadian Sikhs outraged over unwarranted Kirpan concern

Vancouver (January 21 , 2011): What started as a noble, legal and legitimate attempt to provide counsel on the issue of Bill 94 turned into a wanton game of political manoeuvring at the expense of the Sikh community and the integrity of the Sikh faith.

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