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Cast Discrimination

Sikhs of Californian Support the Anti-Caste Bill

The SB403 bill introduced in California that prohibits discrimination based on cast. The reason to introduce this bill to stop the cast discrimination that was happening in the computer and IT industry.

Curse of Caste: A Dalit woman, her unborn child killed in UP for touching a Thakur’s Bucket

At around 9 am on October 15, an over-eight-months pregnant Savitri Devi, like most days, was collecting garbage from homes in Khetalpur Bhansoli village in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh.

India: Dalit Human Rights Lawyer Faces Fabricated Charges and Threats, says Amnesty

New Delhi: Authorities in Haryana must drop fabricated charges against Rajat Kalsan, a Dalit lawyer and human rights defender, and ensure that he receives adequate ...

Punjab Schedule Caste Commission Summons DC & SSP Sangrur

The Punjab State Scheduled Castes Commission has summoned the Deputy Commissioner, Sangrur and SSP Sangrur  on 08th August, 2017

Union Social Justice Minister Denounces Castiesm, Says Were Pushed To Dig Wells Denied Water We Make Idols Can’t Touch It

As per the media reports the union minister for social justice Thawar Chand Gehlot while making a strong statement against castiesm here on Saturday said that “You get a well dug by us, but stop us from drinking its water… We make idols… but the doors of temples are closed to us.”