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Kuldip Nayar

Nayar’s autobiography: KAC call joint meeting of Sikh Organizations

Amritsar, Punjab (July 14, 2012): The Khalsa action Committee (KAC) has convened a meeting to discuss the issue of Journalist Kuldip Nayar's controversial autobiography ‘Beyond the Lines’, in which he made any baseless and highly controversial claims regarding respectable Sikh personalities and organizations.

Between the Lines - autobiography of Journalist Kuldip Nayar

Federation Peermohammad gets ready for legal battle with Kuldip Nayar – decides to burn his book

Jalandhar, Punjab (July 11, 2012): As per a press release sent by AISSF (Peermohammad) president, Karnail Singh Peermohammad: "Taking a strong note of mischievous and malicious statements made by Kuldip Nayar in his recent book “Beyond the Lines: An autobiography” regarding Shaheed Bhai Amrik Singh President All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) and Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, AISSF announced that it will start “Book Burning Campaign” on July 17 in front of Nayar’s residence in Delhi".

Between the Lines - autobiography of Journalist Kuldip Nayar

Kuldip Nayar’s autobiography full of vilified propaganda: Dal Khalsa

The great Sikh personalities and the Dal Khalsa continue to bear the burden of the sophisticated malign campaign of the Indian authors and writers. Contemporary historians and columnists starting from Arun Shourie to Kushwant Singh to Kuldip Nayar all have contributed in a big way in spreading vilified propaganda.

Dal Khalsa lashes out at Kuldip Nayar for his biased and bigotry thinking

Amritsar (June 30, 2012): Lashing out at veteran commentator Kuldip Nayar for leveling wild allegations against the Sikh institutions and leadership, the Dal Khalsa termed it nothing but a bundle of insinuations and innuendo resting on the biased, bigotry thinking of the Punjabi lobby in Delhi.

Opposition to Sikh Memorial: Communal hindutava mindset of Kuldip Nayar gets exposed

Mr. Kuldip Nayar often described as a veteran journalist, recently wrote a highly misleading article in The Tribune, It was used by the opposition in the Punjab Legislative Assembly to articulate the point of view of the permanent cultural majority. The article that follows is in response to it. Immediately reproduced below it in italics, is the original article written by Kuldip Nayar. It will give the reader an idea of the lies being spread even now 28 years after the event when all aspects of the infamous attack are well known.

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