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Mallika Kaur

Blue Star Over Patiala: (Special Article by Mallika Kaur)

With India’s paramilitary in Amritsar for the 32nd anniversary of Indian Army's attack on Darbar Sahib and other Sikh Gurdwaras, survivors 200 km away challenge the prevailing narrative.

Bapu Chaman Lal, Who Lived for a Hundred Years But Died Waiting for Justice

For a turban-wearing, Urdu-reading Hindu of Taran Taran, Punjab, the court’s recess was 23 years too long. On June 30, 100-year-old Chaman Lal breathed his last, two days before the case he had been pursuing for over two decades was to resume in the CBI court, Patiala.

An Open Letter to The President of France – by Mallika Kaur

For a Sikh it is obviously impossible to hide his turban. Yet you claim that your law is the same for everybody. This oxymoron -- "it's not same for Sikhs, but it is same for everyone" -- was the utterance of a French government spokesperson reportedly defending the decision to not lift the ban, despite the United Nations 2012 finding that France's ban violates the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights