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Media War Against Sikhs

Fabricating another controversy – Indian media outcries at grant of parole to Sikh political prisoners

Chandigarh/ Punjab (December 27, 2013): The electronic media in Indian turned blind eye over the hunger strike struggle of a Sikh farmer from Haryana for more than five weeks as the issue was related to the Sikh political prisoners.

Open Letter: Insulting the Hunger Strike of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh by terming it “Farce” in “Hindustan Times”

Ludhaina, Punjab (December 25, 2013): Sukhdeep Singh of Sikh Youth Federation has written an open letter to Pawan Sharma, reporter of Hindustan Times (HT) who reported a highly biased report against the ongoing Sikh agitation seeking release of Sikh political prisoners from Indian jails.

Media bias against the Sikhs in full swing – HT reporter takes the lead

The issue of prolonged detention of Sikh political prisoners attained global attention during last few weeks after a Sikh farmer of Haryana pledged to fast until his death or the release of named prisoners who were not being released by the Indian State (provincial governments or the UT administration/s) despite serving the minimum mandatory terms of their sentences.

On Indian media’s coverage criticizing Akal Takhat honoring Sikh martyrs

January 6th (2013) was Shaheedi Day of Bhai Satwant Singh and Bhai Kehar Singh. As usual the family relatives of these martyrs were honoured by Akal Takhat Jathedar. But the Indian Media reacted and made headlines of this thing in very negative way.

Why Indian media outcries at Akal Takhat honoring national Sikh martyrs?

On January 06, 2013 Bhai Kehar Singh and Bhai Satwant Singh were remembered by the Sikh nation on their martyrdom day. Akal Takhat Sahib, Shiromani Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee (SGPC) and Sikh sangat observed their martyrdom day by organizing a function at Gurudwara Jhanda-Bunga Sahib near Sri Akal Takhat for three days.

Three decades after Operation Bluestar – biased media outlets still stalk the Sikh Community

The name "Jonathan Kay" is little known in South Asia. But in Canada, Kay's biased editorials against the Sikh community, are considered the most ignorant, and belligerent, articles against minorities in Canada's modern history.

Aftermath of Wisconsin tragedy: Indian media attempting to fabricate facts

Ludhiana (August 10, 2012): Indian state system, now days, is pretending to be very worried about Sikhs living in United States, especially in the aftermath of Wisconsin tragedy. Media, as a part of state system, is also following those lines.

BBC Asian Network Radio Jockey Interview Leaves Jay Hind Staff Speechless

Ludhiana (August 04, 2012): On August 02, 2012 BBC Asian Network host Nihal Arthanayake, a non-Sikh, interviewed the Jay Hind staff including the host Sumeet Raghvan. Fauja Singh’s personal trainer Harminder Singh was also on the show when the Jay Hind team was left speechless. The Jay Hind team was unable to respond to questions such as why they showed Fauja Singh wiping his face with his beard and how they could talk about the genocide of Sikhs in a humorous way.

Indian Hindi Media, JaiHindh TV, bows before worldwide anger – offers unconditional apology

Ludhiana (August 02, 2012): JaiHindTV, that aired a disgraceful video 8 months ago on December 05, 2011 has unconditionally apologized. JaiHindTV in it’s program JaiHind Episode 229, segment 4, had expressed it’s communal mindset and attempted to insult Baba Fauja Singh. This program presented by a so-called comedian named Sumit carries many disgraceful comments.

Rajoana hanging issue: Sikh bodies call masses to support peaceful shut down on 28 March

Amritsar, Punjab (March 26, 2012): Indian media is up in arms to create confusion among masses by publishing misleading reports about Punjab shut down call. Various prominent Indian newspapers are trying to mislead masses by wrongfully reporting that Joint Committee formed by various Panthic organizations has rejected the program announced Akal Takhat Sahib and March 28 Punjab bandh call is not supported by Akal Takhat Sahib.

Bharat in Bhasmasur mode – by Sirdar Gurtej Singh (IAS)

Most of the writings on the events of the bloody decades have been done by journalists feigning ignorance of the political processes. They chose to have no perspective of history or of the spiritual aspirations of a people as independent as they were entitled to be under the prevalent basic law. The journalists substituted the lack of skills and perspective with an ample measure of newly acquired urban snobbery.

Media War against Sikhs – Indian media’s falsehood exposed once again

Amritsar, Punjab (January 30, 2012): Indian media was reporting since last two months that Pro-Khalistan Sikh leaders, allegedly hiding somewhere in Pakistan, were planning to trigger blasts to halt election process in Punjab.