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National Sikh Youth Federation

30 Sikh Organizations Write Open Letter to Facebook Against Sikh Censorship

London: After Facebook mass censored Sikh posts during #SikhGenocide remembrance movements last week, a meeting was held between dozens of Sikh organisations in the United ...

Deepa Singh [File Photo]

Sikh Organisations and Gurdwara Committees Back Sikh Youth UK

National Sikh Youth Federation (NSYF)- a Sikh youth group based in England, and Naujawani- an online platform for Sikh and Punjabi youth,  have issued statements supporting the Sikh Youth UK and its' founder Deepa Singh.

India’s Deputy High Commissioner Not Allowed to Use Stage of UK Sikh Gurdwara

A group of Sikh activists on Sunday refused to allow Indian deputy high commissioner to the UK Charanjeet Singh to use the stage of a Gurdwara Sahib in Shepherd Bush area of London.

Sikh Youth Groups to Launch “Criminalising Dissent” Report in Southall on July 28

The Sikh Liberation Front (SLF) and National Sikh Youth Federation (NSYF) have announced to release a report titled Criminalizing Dissent: Repression of Sikhs in Indian-Occupied Punjab in Southall on July 28.

“Criminalising Dissent: Repression of Sikhs in Indian-Occupied Punjab” – Sikh Liberation Front Releases Report on Arrests of Sikh activists in Punjab

Members of the Sikh Liberation Front gathered in Edmonton, Canada on June 23, 2018 to release their report, Criminalizing Dissent: Repression of Sikhs in Indian-Occupied Punjab.

‘Does the media understand Khalistan?’ – SikhPA to Host Discussion on Feb. 13 in London

Sikh Press Association, a UK based Sikh body is going to hold a discussion event on topic ‘Does the media understand Khalistan?’.

UK Sikhs support 1984 Yes It's Genocide Petition

UK Sikh Diaspora support 1984 Yes It’s Genocide petition by Sikhs for Justice

London, United Kingdom (October 03, 2013): It is learnt that the representatives of over 20 Sikh Organizations and several dozen Gurdwaras attended a press conference at the Five Rivers Restaurant in Walsall, United Kingdom on September 15th 2013.

Glasgow Sikhs offer “a candle in the dark” to spread awareness

Glasgow (November 23, 2012): In the Otago Street Gurdwara, the lights are dimmed as councillors, MSPs and members of the public walk around a shocking new exhibition. Faced with photographs of atrocities from a shamefully recent genocide, the visitors read the captions beneath the pictures in stunned silence, their heads bowed.

NSYF effort: “A Candle in the Dark – An Exhibition of Sikh History” received overwhelming response

London, United Kingdom (November 23, 2012): According to a newsletter by National Sikh Youth Federation (NSYF) the members of the NSYF team are currently on tour with the ground-breaking exhibition.

A Candle in the Dark – An Exhibition of Sikh History by National Sikh Youth Federation (UK)

London, UK (November 04, 2012): In a press statement the National Sikh Youth Federation (NSYF), a UK based Sikh youth body, has revealed it's plans to hold an exhibition on various places in the UK. This is the first exhibition of this nature, curated by a team of professionals, which has been developed within the Sikh community.