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Panth Sewak Jatha Doaba’s

Sikh Vision of Freedom: Sewa, Simran, Beghampura & Halemi Raj To Ensure End of All Forms of Slavery

Participating in two day session of Bharat Mukati Morcha on the invitation of BAMCEF, Panth Sewak Jatha Doaba's sewadar Bhai Mandhir Singh addressed inaugural session on 28th December 2021. He shared Sikh vision of freedom and said that through Sewa and Simran one can free oneself from bondages of slavery and a society based on the principle of 'Beghampura' and an administration/state based on principle of 'Halemi Raj' would ensure end of all forms of slavery. This is full video recording of speech of Bhai Mandhir Singh.