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‘Kaurnama’: New Book Telling the Story of Shaheed Sikh Women Unveiled at Village Panjwar

In a tribute to the courage and sacrifice of Sikh women during the Sikh freedom movement of the 1980s and 1990s, a groundbreaking book titled "Kaurnama: Kharkoo Sangharsh Dian Shaheed Bibian Dee Gatha" was unveiled yesterday during a solemn Shaheedi Samgam at Village Panjwar.

Sikh Legacy: Remembering Vadda Ghallughara

On 5 February 1762, the pages of Sikh history unfurled a somber chapter known as Vadda Ghallughara, The Great Sikh Genocide, unfolding at Kup Rahera near Malerkotla.

Sikh Genocide and the symbolism of the yellow mustard flower

Here is the yellow mustard flower I painted in the remembrance of #SikhGenocide and in the honour of all victims and survivors. We are resilient, moving from victimhood to healing and new beginnings while embracing our history.


It is generally asserted that the first five Sikh Gurus, up to Guru Arjan (1563-1606), were opposed to individual participation in war, and to war as a measure of national policy, and that it was the persecution of Guru Arjan by the Mughal Emperor Jebangir which obliged the Sikh movement to diverge from its true doctrine of pacifism.

Guru Angad (Author – Puran Singh)

The last days of the Master, at Kartarpur were made bitterby the attitude of hissonstowards bis beloved disciple, Angad. Nanak, as a spiritual teacher had given his love to his dearest disciple, and the jealousy of his family brought about a situation similarto that in the story ofthe awakening of Galatea. Nanak had therefore, already denied himself the pleasure ofthe presence at Kartarpur of his great disciple, on whom he loved to feast his mind, and had asked Angad to go and live at his own native place, Khadur. After this it was Nanak who would go occasionally to Khadur to see his Angad. A pilgrimage by the old Nanak to tl'e new.

Gurmat And Contemporary Situation of Sikhs – Speech of Prof. Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon

Marking Guru Nanak Ji's 550th Parkash Gurpurab, various Sikh organisations of Moga organised a Seminar on 22 September, 2019. Speaking on this occasion Prof. Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon shared his views about Gurmat and Contemporary Situation of Sikhs.

Dharam Yudh Morcha : Historical and Contemporary Relevance – Speech of Bhai Mandhir Singh in Delhi

A Sikh yudh groups organised a discussion of Dharam Yudh Morcha at Gurdwara Sahib, Subhash Nagar in Delhi on August 4, 2019. Speaking on this occasion Bhai Mandhir Singh briefly introduced the Anandpur Sahib Resolution that was drafted by Sirdar Kapur Singh and adopted by Shiromani Akali Dal. In his speech Bhai Mandhir Singh highlighted the Historical and Contemporary Relevance of Dharam Yudh Morcha.

Distortion of History in Class XII PSEB Book: Oversight Panel Members Get Material to Analyse

The oversight committee formed by the state government to analyse the contents of PSEB class XII history book reportedly held its first meeting in Patiala on Monday (May 28).

Punjab School Education Board Out to Dent Sikh History and Culture, say Sikh Thinkers

Sikh intellectuals and academicians assembled at the call of ‘Sikh Vichaar Manch’ here severely criticised the Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) for presenting the Sikh history and culture in new books for eleventh and twelfth classes from ultra-Hindu Nationalistic perspective.

Capt. Amarinder Singh Breaks Silence Over PSEB Class XII Books Controversy; Slams Opposition

Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh finally broke his silence yesterday over controversy surrounding removal of chapters on Sikh history from class XII books being published by the Punjab School Education Board (PSEB).

Dr. Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon on Maharaja Duleep Singh and Contemporary Sikh Situation

A conference was held at Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha (Sector 28A, Chandigarh) on March 23, 2018. The conference focussed on efforts of Maharaja Duleep Singh Centenary Trust (UK) to seek remains of Maharaja Duleep Singh from England.

Modern Historiography fits Maharaja Ranjit Singh in Indian Nationalistic Perspective

“That history always has a purpose. That history is always about power. That history is never innocent but always ideological.” – Keith Jenkins ‘Rethinking of ...

Sardar Sham Singh of Attari [by Gurtej Singh]

Sardar Sham Singh was known as the Lord of Attari. From top to toe he was made of gold and his heart was of a superior stuff.

SAKA NAKODAR 1986 – Bapu Baldev Singh’s Speech on 32nd Shaheedi Dihara [VIDEO]

The 32nd ‘Shaheedi Dihara‘ (martyrdom day) of Bhai Ravinder Singh, Bhai Harminder Singh, Bhai Baldhir Singh and Bhai Jhilman Singh was observed on February 4th at Gurdwara Boharwala in Littran village near Nakodar.

Indian Supreme Court Rejects Petition seeking Incorporation of Sikh History in School Syllabus

Supreme Court of India (SCI) on Monday (April 24) refused to issue any directions on a petition seeking incorporation of Sikh History in School Syllabus.

Bhai Ajmer Singh’s Book on Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha to be released on March 7 at Sarabha Village

A new book on Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha authored by Sikh Historian Bhai Ajmer Singh will be released at ancestral house of Shaheed Kartar Singh Srabha on March 07, 2017 (Tuesday).

Sikh Historian Bhai Ajmer Singh to introduce New Book on Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha on March 9 at Punjabi University

Sikh Historian Bhai Ajmer Singh will be introducing his book titled "Toofana Da Shah-Aswar: Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha" on March 09, 2017 at Punjabi University, Patiala. The Books is set to be released in coming days.

The Objective and Uniqueness of Sikh Shahadat (Martyrdom in Sikhi): by Bhai Ajmer Singh

Sikh Historian Bhai Ajmer Singh has shared a message with the Sikh Sangat with regard to Shaheedi Sabhas of Chamkaur Sahib and Fatehgarh Sahib explaining his perspective towards the objective and uniqueness of martyrdom (Shaheedi) in Sikhi.

Full Speech of Bhai Ajmer Singh At RCF Kapurthala on Guru Nanak Ji’s Parkash Gurpurab Samagam

Sikh Historian, Author And Intellectual Bhai Ajmer Singh addressed the Sikh Sangat at RCF, Kapurthala during a samgam organised to mark the Parkash Gurpurab of Guru Nanak Ji on November 14, 2016.

SIkh Historian Bhai Ajmer Singh Exposes Contents of Sahib-E-Kamaal Book by Lala Daulat Rai

Sikh Historian Bhai Ajmer Singh exposes the truth of Sahib-E-Kamaal Guru Gobind Singh Book by Lala Daulat Rai. This speech is worth listening to know that how the imago of Sikh Gurus is distorted by historians.

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