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Sirdar Gurtej Singh IAS

Ex-Bureaucrat, Journalists, Opinionists, Academicians & Activists Tell Punjab Government to Stop Repression & Mis-use of UAPA

In the last days of June 2020, our igneous Intelligence Agencies have ‘unearthed one terror module after another, supported by ISI of Pakistan and the Sikhs For Justice.’ In consequence, God knows how many, Sikh young men have been arrested, some (maybe all) have been tortured and insulted in a bid to demoralize and demonize the people in order to secure them in eternal slavery by total denial of constitutional and innate human rights.

Tackling Corona Needs ‘Bottom-UP’ Approach Not Top-Down Curfew: Sikh Vichar Manch Chandigarh

Sikh Intellectuals and Civil Rights activists today expressed their dismay that the government has been tackling a disease related social problem of coronavirus at the level of fighting a ‘war’ by imposing top-down strict curfew showing no compassion to the people already suffering a fear psychosis of the pandemic.

Kartarpur Sahib Corridor: Modi Government Causing Hurdles for Sikh Yatris: Sikh Vichar Manch

The 'Sikh Vichar Manch' has criticised the Narendra Modi led Central government for allegedly creating hurdles for Sikh yatris, willing to visit Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib in Narowal district of West Punjab.

Sikh Intellectuals and Organisers of Panthic Assembly form “Panthic Confederation” as Umbrella Body

For taking up issues ---- restoring the pristine status of Akal Takht, implementation of Panthik Rahit mariyada and preserving of the Sikh institutions --as raised in the Panthik Assembly held two months ago, the Sikh intellectuals and organizers of the Amritsar Panthik assemblage today decided to float a Panthik Confederation.

Badals Attempting to Deflect Their Complicity in Bargari Beadbi; Apology Move Nothing More than Political Drama: say Sikh Intellectuals

In this statement former IAS Gurtej Singh, Prof Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon, Jaspal Singh Sidhu, Sukhdev Singh, both journalists and Gurpreet Singh spokesman Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha (Chandigarh) said: “This act of so-called atonement constitutes fraud on the Sikh psyche committed at the holiest shrine of the Sikh Panth”. 

Punjab School Education Board Out to Dent Sikh History and Culture, say Sikh Thinkers

Sikh intellectuals and academicians assembled at the call of ‘Sikh Vichaar Manch’ here severely criticised the Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) for presenting the Sikh history and culture in new books for eleventh and twelfth classes from ultra-Hindu Nationalistic perspective.

Speech of Gurtej Singh (IAS) During Conference Seeking Remains of Maharaja Duleep Singh

Sikh intellectual S. Gurtej Singh (IAS) shared his views on Maharaja Duleep Singh and contemporary Sikh situation. This is full video recording of speech of Gurtej Singh (IAS).

Sardar Sham Singh of Attari [by Gurtej Singh]

Sardar Sham Singh was known as the Lord of Attari. From top to toe he was made of gold and his heart was of a superior stuff.

Indian State’s Stance During Trudeau Visit Would Further Alienate Sikhs From India

Sikh intellectuals and thinkers gathered at Sri Guru Granth Sahib Bhawan at Sector 28 Chandigarh yesterday, where the issues related to Indian state and media's approach towards the Sikhs was discussed.

(L to R) S. Gurtej Singh (IAS), Mr. Shashi Kant, Advocate Harpal Singh Cheema and another addressing the press conference at Chandigarh.

Dope test Punjab politicians, MLA/MPs: Shashi Kant; Nasha Virodhi Manch want ECI ban drugs in polls

Chandigarh/ New Delhi (November 20, 2013): It is learnt that a delegation consisting of Gurtej Singh IAS, Retd, Lt. Gen Retd. Kartar Singh Gill, Advocate Harpal Singh Cheema, Ashok Kapur, Bhai Baldeep Singh, Amarbir Singh and Shashi Kant IPS, Retd called on Mr. Alok Shukla, Additional Election Commissioner of India (ECI) in New Delhi, the officer designated by the C.E.C., on November 18th, 2013.

Talkshow discussing Wisconsin Sikh Gurudwara Sahib shooting released [Watch Qaumi Masle Ep. 06]

In this episode of fortnightly program Qaumi Masle produced by Sikh Siyasat Multimedia a detailed discussion was held regarding terror strike on Sikh Gurudwara Sahib, Oak Creek, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA in which six Sikhs were killed by an armed Gunman named Wade M. Page. Page has been reported to be member of Bands propagating While Supremacist and Neo-Nazi ideology.

Decoding Kuldip Nayar’s recent article opposing Sikh memorial for Saka June 1984 – Talkshow: Qaumi Masle [Ep.4]

Ludhiana, Punjab (July 08, 2012): Sikh Siyasat Multimedia has released latest episode of talk-show “Qaumi Masle” today. This fortnightly talk-show focuses on vital/current issues concerning the ...

Opposition to Sikh Memorial: Communal hindutava mindset of Kuldip Nayar gets exposed

Mr. Kuldip Nayar often described as a veteran journalist, recently wrote a highly misleading article in The Tribune, It was used by the opposition in the Punjab Legislative Assembly to articulate the point of view of the permanent cultural majority. The article that follows is in response to it. Immediately reproduced below it in italics, is the original article written by Kuldip Nayar. It will give the reader an idea of the lies being spread even now 28 years after the event when all aspects of the infamous attack are well known.

Recent amendment to Anand Marriage Act – achievement for the Sikhs or fraud with the Sikhs?

Ludhiana, Punjab (May 28, 2012): Whereas, many circles of Sikh diaspora and Badal Dal leaders are busy in hailing the "success" in getting Anand Marriage Act, 1909 amended in the Indian Parliament, Sikh academicians and scholars have taken strong exception to the generalized view in this matter and have termed the recent amendment as a “fraud” with the Sikhs.

The cold-blooded murder of Jaspal Singh

On an earlier occasion, I had written to more than two newspapers of the region protesting against the distortion that has almost become second nature of the Indian Media when it carries news and views pertaining to the Sikhs and the Sikh issues. I am compelled to write again as under to The Tribune, although I am certain that like the two other letters written earlier, this one will also be ignored. The purpose of writing is to hold a mirror to the faces of our great leaders who fondly believe that they are firmly tackling the Sikh problems. If they are not able to speak about the deep-rooted prejudices that lead the state to frequent killing of the Sikhs in cold blood, they ought to evaluate the worth of service that they are rendering. The people must also become aware about their leaders who do not protest against blatant and potent distortions that eventually become the reason for glossing over the past murders and help in paving the way for committing fresh ones. The Sikhs must remind their leaders that the state repression and the Media support for it needs to be exposed if they are really concerned about the people they claim to lead. They must realize that leadership is not just pinching money from the pockets of the led to satisfy their own desire for luxurious living. It is not enough that they simply issue high pitched statements to convince themselves that they are alive and are going about their business seriously. Something concrete is required.

Bharat in Bhasmasur mode – by Sirdar Gurtej Singh (IAS)

Most of the writings on the events of the bloody decades have been done by journalists feigning ignorance of the political processes. They chose to have no perspective of history or of the spiritual aspirations of a people as independent as they were entitled to be under the prevalent basic law. The journalists substituted the lack of skills and perspective with an ample measure of newly acquired urban snobbery.

Indian Secularism and the Sikhs

Placed here is the main text of the presentation, a summary of which was read at the UN Human Rights Council, through the courtesy of the Interfaith International on June 12, 2008 at Geneva