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Stop Dastan-E-Sirhind

Sikh Sangat Outraged As Filmmakers Try to Release Controversial Dastan-E-Sirhind

Sikh sangat has expressed outrage as the makers of controversial movie "Dastan-E-Sirhind" are trying to release it despite Sikh sangat opposing it. The Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee (SGPC) has also refused to grant clearance to the controversial film as it personifies Sahibzadas.

Cinemas Not to Screen Controversial “Dastan-E-Sirhind” Movie

Earlier the release of this film was stopped due to massive protests and opposition by the Sikh sangat.

Harjinder Singh Dhami Demands From Punjab Government to Stop Release of Dastaan-E-Sirhind Film

SGPC President Advocate Harjinder Singh Dhami has demanded from the Punjab Government to stop the release of Dastaan-E-Sirhind Film. In A press statement issued from his office, SGPC President said that in this film the sahibzadas of tenth Sikh Guru have been personified

Sikh Students Protest Against Dastan-E-Sirhind Movie Which Attempt to Personify Sahibzadey

Sikh Students held a demonstration demanding to stop Dastan-E-Sirhind Movie which attempt to personify Sahibzadey in violation of Sikh tradition.