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Sikh Sangat Outraged As Filmmakers Try to Release Controversial Dastan-E-Sirhind

November 2, 2023 | By

Chandigarh: Sikh sangat has expressed outrage as the makers of controversial movie “Dastan-E-Sirhind” are trying to release it despite Sikh sangat opposing it. The Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee (SGPC) has also refused to grant clearance to the controversial film as it personifies Sahibzadas.

Last year SGPC adopted a resolution sticking to its earlier positions that Sikh Gurus, family members of the Guru Sahib and the Sahibzadas can not be shown in any film, whether a feature film or a cartoon or animation movie.

The Sikh tradition and principles forbid personification Sikh Gurus, family members of the Guru Sahib, including Sahibzadas.

Why Controversy Over Dastan-E-Shirhind:

A portion of Dastan-E-Sirhind depicts Sahibzadas through cartoon/animation medium and thus violations Sikh tenets and principles. Therefore the Sikh sangat is opposing this movie.

It added to the outrage of the Sikh sangat when it came into light that the film-makers made child artists to act as “Sahibzadas” and used motion capture technology to transform their acting into animation for Dastan-E-Sirhind movie.

Film’s Release Was Stopped Last Year:

The makers of controversial Dastan-E-Sirhind movie tried to release it last year (December 2022) but the release was stopped after widespread protests against the movie. The film makers had maintained that they had clearance from the SGPC but the latter denied having granted any such clearance. Going a step further, SGPC passed a resolution forbidding making such movies.

This Year Film-Makers Claimed Clearance, But SGPC Refuted Their Claims:

In October 2023, makers of Dastan-E-Sirhind announced that they were going to release the film on 3rd of November. They maintained that they had all requisite clearances. Actor Gurpreet Ghughi and producer Pushpinder Saron gave interviews to media channels claiming that the SGPC has agreed to the release of the film. The SGPC later issued a written statement that it has given no clearance to the release of the film. They said the film makers should take a decision in accordance with sentiments of the Sikh sangat. The SGPC also citied its resolution, adopted last year, that characters of Sikh Gurus, family members of the Guru Sahib, including Sahibzadas can not be depicted in any drama or films/movies.

Sangat Stops Release of Film in Various Parts of Punjab:

As Dastan-E-Sirhind’s release listed on online movie bookings sites today, the sewadars of Sikh Jatha Malwa approached cinemas in Sangrur and Sunam. They told cinema managements to not screen this movie. The cinema halls in these cities have removed posters of Dastan-E-Sirhind.

“A week ago, we had told cinema halls in Sangrur that Dastan-E-Sirhind movie violates Sikh tradition and principles and it should not be screened. They (cinema managements) had assured us that they would not screen the film”, said Malkeet Singh Bhawanigarh of Sikh Jatha Malwa.

“Today it came to our notice that these cinemas were conducting online bookings for Dastan-E-Sirhind. So, we met their management and discussed the issue. We told them that it was order of the Sangat to not to screen this film”, he added.

Malkeet Singh Bhawanigarh said that cinema halls in Sangrur and Sunam have removed posters of the movie and stopped online bookings.

Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) independently verified the information provided by Malkeet Singh Bhawanigarh and found that Dastan-E-Sirhind is no more listed in screening list of cinemas in Sangrur and Suman.

Cinemas Drop Dastan-E-Sirhind Patiala, Tanda and Ropar Also:

Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) has learnt that the cinema halls in Patiala, Ropar and Tanda have also decided to drop the screening of Dastan-E-Sirhind movie.

“Cinemas in Patiala have removed posters of Dastan-E-Sirhind movie and have dropped it form their screening list”, Ranjeet Singh told Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) over phone.

Gurpreet Singh Khudda told SSN that movie’s screening is dropped in Tanda and they have also approached a cinema hall in Dasuya to get the controversial movie dropped there.

Maan Singh (Dal Khalsa) told SSN that the screening of the controversial film is dropped by cinema halls in Ropar.

Gurwinder Singh (Dal Khalsa) has posted on Facebook that they are in contact with cinemas halls in Bathinda and any attempt to screen this film there would be face outrage of Sikh sangat.

Similar reports are received from other parts of Punjab.

Movie’s Release Abroad Likely to Face Outrage:

Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) has learnt that the film makers are also attempting to release their movie aboard. Sikh organizations have taken a strong notice and have started contacting cinema halls to stop the controversial film’s screening.

SGPC and Punjab Government Should Stop Dastan-E-Sirhind Movie: Harjinder Singh Majhi

Sikh pracharak Bhai Harjinder Singh Majhi has issued a statement saying that it is the responsibility of the SGPC and the Punjab government to stop release of the controversial Dastan-E-Sirhind movie.

“This film violates Sikh tradition and principles. It is responsibility of the SGPC and the Punjab government to  stop its’ release as Sikh sangat is outraged” he said.

“Its’ better that the SGPC and the Punjab government act now and stop Dastan-E-Sirhind. If anything untoward happens tomorrow, only SGPC and Punjab government would be responsible”, said he.

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