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Sikh Genocide 1984

Village Hondh to be preserved as “Sikh Genocide Memorial” site

February 21, 2011 | By

Chandigarh, PUNJAB (February 21, 2011): As per a press statement dated 19 February, 2011: [A]fter discovering mass Grave of Sikhs killed in November 1984 in village Hondh-Chillar, District Rewari, Haryana, All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) & Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) declared to preserve village Hondh-Chillar as “Sikh Genocide Memorial” site and appealed to sikh community to reach village Hondh-Chillar on March 6th, 2011.

According to AISSF President Karnail Singh Peermohammad, for far too long the state of India has tried to distort and rewrite the events of the Sikh Genocide. Though much evidence exists, including video footage of people in positions of power dictating the orders to eliminate a religious minority (the Sikhs), it has unjustly been blocked from the public domain, while human rights advocates have been denied access to it, by those yielding massive influence and power. Wrong narratives claiming the act of Genocide only occurred in one city has been propagated to the wider community for 26 years. Yet, today we have discovered direct evidence disproving this malicious lie.

Attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, Legal Advisor to SFJ stated that the village Hondh-Chillar is one location out of hundreds outside the Delhi where innocent Sikhs were ethnically cleansed due to their religious beliefs. However, even then, the village Hondh-Chillar is unique in one way, it is the only site discovered thus far that has not been disturbed since the Sikh Genocide, unpolluted by state cover-up and contaminated by attempts to destroy evidence – and it must remain this way. With respect to all the innocent lives lost, this site is now a sacred place, a reminder for generations to come of the Sikh Genocide.

Thus, today we declare that village Hondh-Chillar site must be preserved as a Memorial for the Sikh Nation, a place to reflect, remember and remind ourselves of the atrocities that took place during 1984 Sikh Genocide added attorney Pannun.

AISSF & SFJ issued an appeal that on March 6th we the Sikh Nation will march to this devastated village, once home to a religious minority who were systematically exterminated, and show our solidarity with the spirit of the murdered to which we are bound as Sikhs. For this action of Genocide will not be forgot or allowed to be washed away by the state.

As per attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannun Legal Advisor to Sikhs For Justice, the forlorn debris and human remains at village Hondh-Chillar discovered after 26 years are the most specific and convincing evidence of Sikhs localities being attacked and wiped out throughout India in an identical pattern. The evidence discovered on site indicates systematic pattern in which armed groups lead by Congress Leaders would cordon Sikh neighborhoods, rape the women and burn the men and children alive. “The discovery of Mass Grave of Sikhs in Haryana proves that Nanavati Commission’s scope of inquiry into the killing of Sikhs was gravely insufficient and eyewash because the commission did not look into killings of Sikhs that took place outside Delhi”, added attorney Pannun.

According to Karnail Singh Peermohammad scores of Sikhs living in the village were burnt to death on November 02, 1984 and the Police neither identified the dead nor investigated the killing of Sikhs. According to the FIR filed by Ghanpat Singh Sarpanch and other eyewitnesses, the Sikh population of the village was attacked on November 02, 1984 by a group of about 500 people who came in Trucks and were armed. The group was shouting “Ye Sardar Ghaddar hain, Inn ko khatam karain ge” (These Sardars are traitors and we will wipe them out).

Echoing a shock felt by numerous international human rights organizations and activists, Jatinder Singh of “Sikhs For Justice” added “It is unthinkable the way in which these Sikhs must have been systematically targeted and subjected to the most gruesome methods of mass killing known to humankind. It is horrifying to think that these murders took place with state complicity through carefully orchestrated genocidal acts by armed groups of Indian men, transported from village to village by the state.” Adding to this shock, Jatinder Singh also cited that, “An entire village ethnically cleansed of a religious minority is the gravest violation of human rights and the clearest proof of the Sikh Genocide. The innocent families of Hondh-Chillar village, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters were all exterminated simply because of their religious beliefs differed from the majority of India.”.

In addition to the statements made by AISSF and SFJ, researchers have brought forth information that on November 02, 1984 attackers surrounded Sikh houses and attacked by throwing petrol bombs into Sikh homes. Men and children were beaten and thrown into the burning houses and women were first raped and then thrown into the fire. The Sri Guru Granth Sahib was also desecrated and Gurudwara was put on fire as indication of the murderous rage of the mob, looking to destroy any and all traces of Sikh identity.

In light of the recent discovery, AISSF and Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) will approach United Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and South Asian Human Rights Commission to visit the site of Sikh Mass Graves in village Hondh-Chillar and investigate the attack on Sikhs that took place throughout India in November 1984.

The genocidal site of village Hondh-Chillar is discovered by the sustained and unceasing efforts of Engineer Manwinder Singh Giaspur.

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