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Avtar Singh Karimpuri supports Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa

BSP leader Avtar Singh Karimpuri meets Gurbaksh Singh Khasla on 13th day of Hunger Strike

Ambala, Haryana: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader Avtar Singh Karimpuri met Sikh activist Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa on 13th day of his indefinite hunger strike. Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa is seeking permanent release of seven Sikh political prisoners who have served the statutory terms of their sentences.

Jathedar again changes Parkash Gurpurb date to Dec. 28; Demand for permanent solution grows stronger

Amritsar, Punjab: Giani Gurbachan Singh, Jathedar Akal Takht Sahib, announced that Guru Gobind Singh ji's Parkash Gurpurb will be celebrated on December 28 as per the amended Nanakshahi calendar.

Punjabi Cultural Council want “Chaar Sahibzaade” to be declared as an ‘educational film’

Chandigarh: Punjabi Cultural Council has appealed to the Punjab Government to declare animated 3D film "Chaar Sahibzaade" as an educational and historical movie depicting real history of the great sacrifices of four sons of tenth guru Guru Gobind Singh ji . Besides, arrange special shows of the film for students in all educational institutes to create awareness among themselves.

Navjot Sidhu lands in trouble: AISSF want Akal Takht Jathedar to take action in Gurbani distortion case

Amritsar, Punjab: Former cricketer, comedian and former Member of Parliament (MP) from Amritsar Navjot Sidhu has landed himself in yet another controversy. Navjot Sidhu often referred as ‘Hindutva propagandist’ in Sikh attire distorted a Shabad of Gurbani. He went on to release a Gurbani Shabad by fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Ajran Ji to a mythological Hindu character Pandav ‘Arjun’.

Convicted under TADA, aged Sikhs prisoners languishing in Indian jails

Convicted under TADA, Sikh Political Prisoners languishing in Indian Jails: Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act, generally called as TADA, was introduced by the Indian state in 1985 to suppress Sikh political struggle in Punjab. It’s a well recognized fact that TADA was widely mis-used by Indian administration and Indian security forces before it was allowed to lapse in 1995 due to widespread opposition. But the cases registered before the lapse of TADA were saved. One such case related to Ludhaina Bank robbery of 1986 stood on trial for 22 years.

30yrs Nov84 UKP Poster FINAL

30 Years after 1984 Sikh Genocide, Sikh voice for Truth, Justice and Freedom grow stronger and Sophisticated

London: 30 years ago the Indian authorities were not content with their Genocide of the Sikhs in June and November 1984. There is written proof the Indian authorities also set about to malign Amritdhari Sikhs in India and abroad and do all they could to silence Sikh voices of protest in countries like the UK, Canada and Germany.

SAD Amritsar (Mann) extends support to Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa

Ambala, Haryana: Shiroamani Akali Dal Amritsar (Mann) has extended support to Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa’s hunger strike. Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa is seeking permanent release S. Simranjeet Singh Mann and others with Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa of seven Sikh political prisoners who have served the statutory terms of their sentences.

UK Home Secretary to unveil World War 1 Commemoration Exhibition at National Sikh Heritage Centre & Holocaust Museum

Derby: The Home Secretary and Member of Parliament for Maidenhead, Rt Hon Theresa May MP, will be paying a visit to the National Sikh Museum in Derby, on Wednesday 26th November.

A page from controversial document by RSS

Hindutva forces’ plan to hold Samagam at Takht Damdama Sahib exposed

Talwandi Sabo, Punjab: Since the formation of Narendra Modi led Hindutva government in India, the Hindutva forces have intensified their efforts to distort Sikh identity. Hindutva fountain head Rashtriya Swayamsewan Sangh (RSS) has revived it’s controversial outfit ‘Rashtriya Sikh Sangat’ to conduct Hindutva activities while projecting Sikh faces.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) extends support to Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa on Sikh Political Prisoners’ issue

Ambala, Haryana: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has extended it’s support to Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa on the issue of Sikh Political prisoners. Gurbaksh Singh Khasla is on indefinite hunger strike from November 14 seeking permanent release of seven Sikh political prisoners who were sentenced to imprisonment for life and were not being granted premature release even over-serving the statutory terms of their sentences.

Nanakshahi Calander 536 (2004-05) [File Photo]

American Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee seeks restoration of original Nanakshahi Calendar

New York: Following confusion over date of Parkash Gurpurb of 10th Sikh Guru, the American Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (AGPC) has once again raised the demand of implementing the original Nanakshahi Calendar which was adopted by SGPC in 2003.

Hunger strike by Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa: UK Sikh bodies appeal for support

London: Two England based Sikh groups - Akhand Kirtani Jatha (UK) and United Khasla Dal (UK) have extended support to Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa’s hunger strike. Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa is on indefinite hunger strike since November 14. He is seeking permanent release of 7 Sikh political prisoners who are languishing in different jails in India even after serving the terms of their sentences.

On Increased Hindutva RSS activities in Punjab [Sikh Historian Dr. Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon] PART I


Manpreet Badal [File Photo]

Punjab Politics: Manpreet want Opposition to unite against Badals

Hoshiarpur, Punjab: Former state finance minister and chief of People’s Party of Punjab Manpreet Badal yesterday pleaded that the opposition parties should unite against the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) in Punjab.

Former Taksal leader Bhai Mohkam Singh floats political party named ‘United Akali Dal’ (UAD)

Amritsar, Punjab: Former Damdami Taksal leader Bhai Mohkam Singh today floated a new political party named ‘United Akali Dal’. The announcement came after the (former) United Sikh Movement held a meeting at Guru Nanak Bhawan in Amritsar on Saturday (Nov. 22). As per media reports around five hundred people attended the meeting.

Hindu Terror not an appropriate term, says Rajnath Singh

New Delhi: India’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said that the terms like “Hindu Terror” or Hindu Terrorism” were not appropriate. In response to a media query that the BJP always maintained that Hindu terror was a UPA conspiracy and now, when investigation agency is under him, will he review such cases; the Hindutva leader said that the word “Hindu terror” was not an appropriate term.

Hindutva sounds aloud in India: Delhi under ‘swabhimani’ Hindus after 800 years, says Ashok Singal

New Delhi, India: Vishav Hindu Parishan leader Ashok Singhal today (Nov. 21) said that the ‘Delhi has come back in to the hands of swabhimani (proud) Hindus after 800 years’. Singhal said that the victory of Hindutva forces in last Lok Sabha elections has brought back the control of Delhi into the hands of proud (upper caste) Hindus.

Narendra Modi tells Naxals to drop guns; Says Violence has no place in Gandhi’s country

Jharkhand, India: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked Naxalite/ Maoist groups to drop guns and participate in “nation-building” project of the Indian state. Narendra ...

[File Photo]

Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand to vote in first round of polling for state assemblies today

New Delhi, India: The first of the five-round polling begins in Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand today. India's ruling Hindutva party - Bharatiya Janata Party has expressed high expectations in both states. In J-K, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) could emerge as the biggest gainer, say analysts.

Hindutva ‘Thought Paper’ lists out 5-Ms as biggest enemies of Hindutva forces in India

Do you know who the "biggest enemies of the Hindu society" are? These are ‘Malicious-5 or M5 — Marxism, Macaulayism, Missionaries, Materialism and Muslim extremism — says a two-side printed single-page ‘Thought Paper’ distributed in the World Hindu Congress 2014 that concluded in the national capital on Sunday.

Changing dynamics of Punjab politics and the Sikhs

For past few decades the Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) led by Parkash Singh Badal was able to capture the space of Sikh politics in Punjab with the backing of the Indian state. Both Congress and BJP backed Badals in Punjab to get the space of Sikh politics occupied by their confident men.

Six Sikh Political Prisoners and Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa

Punjab BJP showing extensive interest in cause of Sikh Prisoner’s issue in it’s bid snatch Sikh issues from Badals

Jalandhar, Punjab: In yet another bid to wrest Sikh issues from its Punjab alliance partner SAD, the state BJP has decided to support the demand for the release of jailed Sikh militants, who have completed their sentences.

RSS not an external force: Ranjanth Singh; Says he and Narendra Modi will remain RSS men all their life

New Delhi, India: Hindutva fountainhead is ultimate ruling power in India under Narendra Modi/ BJP’s regime. Indian Home minister Rajnath Singh declined to see the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as an “external force”.

Tarun Chug (C) [File Photo]

BJP comes up openly in favor of Deras, Tells Badal to ensure safety for dera activities

Chandigarh: Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) has asked Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal to ensure activities of different deras that are active in Punjab.

Sydney protesters urge Indian PM Narendra Modi to end conflict in Kashmir

Sydney, Australia: A small group of protesters in Sydney has called on Indian prime minister Narendra Modi to end conflict in the disputed territory of Kashmir.