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Guru HarKrishan Sahib Ji

August 2, 2021 | By

The child Har Krishan, the younger son of Har Rai had developed those mystic signs by which the Master was always recognized. The very Darshanam of Har Krishan healed the sick and comforted the miserable. Har Rai bowed down to this child as to Guru Nanak, and left the earth.

Ram Rai began conspiring against the child Guru at the Imperial Court at Delhi, and finally succeeded in getting him sunUnoned there. Like his father, Har Krishan was averse to seeing Aurangzeb. At Delhi, though he was ordered many times to see the Emperor, he persistently refused to do so. Finally he fell ill in Delhi. This illness of Har Krishan is to us, his disciples, in the nature of a protest.

Har Krishan was a mere boy, they say, when he came to Nanak’s throne. But is not genius independent of age? A little later in our history, did not Gobind Singh a boy of nine, occupy this very throne at the time of a miraculous re-creation of a whole people?

When Har Krishan lay ill at Delhi, his august mother, at his bedside, saw that he was thinking of his coming death. “0 son, why art thou turning thy thoughts away from this earth so soon?” she asked. “Be not anxious, mother, for me,” said the Guru, “my, safety is in His will. I am safe wherever He may take me. Mother, be not anxious; youth or age matters not. Does not Arjun Dev say,

‘The Master is the Reaper of His crop; it is His pleasure, and sometimes He reaps it while green and sometimes when golden ripe?’ Know, mother; what our God does is best. Has not the Master, Nanak said, ‘What pleaseth Him is good?’ “

The family-jealousy was blazing then at its full, and many blood-relations of the Guru were setting themselves up as “Masters”. Guru Har Krishan, though very iltsent for five pice and a cocoanut, and bowed down saying, “Baba Bakale” (Baba Nanak is at Bakala). The Boy-master felt his spiritual responsibility for the people, and named the place whence Guru Nanak would come to his disciples once again. None else had the celestial vision that could see as Har Krishan saw. Naming Guru Har Krishan is the cure of all diseases.

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