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How Kasab and Sajjan Kumar Differ from each other?

May 7, 2010 | By

These days one news hits the T.V. Screens on all news channels and in almost all the News Papers that Kasab found guilty and people from all over India demands a severe Punishment for Kasab. Every one in India wants that Kasab should be Hanged for the Killing of so many people. Even the Union Home Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram told reporters after the court convicted Kasab for the Mumbai carnage that, “The Conviction of Kasab and the acquittal of the two accused shows that India is ruled by law. That shows the independence, fearlessness and integrity of the court”. I want to ask Mr. Chidambaram that what happens to your so called independent, fearless courts whenever any case related to Sikhs come in these so called courts. Khalsa always wants peace in the world and also justifies that killers of so many innocent people should be punished severely. But why there is different law for the Sikhs when they are also the citizens of the same country? Whatever people of India wants for (Kasab) the killer of about 71 people, Sikhs also want the same for the killers of thousands of innocent Sikhs on the roads of Delhi & all over India in 1984. Home Minister told that this conviction should be message for Terrorists, but I want to ask him through the media about the terrorists who were roaming around the streets of Delhi leading the mob  of Hired Goons in November 1984 and killed thousands of innocent Sikhs, what your courts have done to them? Those terrorists are still enjoying the facilities in your own Government. If you have any answer please tell me.

Even the Public Lawyer Mr. Nigam told about Kasab that he is a killing mchine, a Satan, a Ravan and also terming him a Snake. So what about those Snakes, Ravans & Killing Machines who are sitting in your own lap Mr. Chindbaram what you will do with them? Mr. Home Ministers you people are feeding those Snakes with milk who are the Killers of Thousands of Sikhs.

You people always terming Sikhs as Radicals and Extreamists. Now people of India are demanding a severe Punishment for Kasab. If all the Indians now are radicals or extreamists? What you will say about them? Same is case with Sikhs, if Sikhs demand the severe Punishment for their guilties then how can you people term them radicals and extreamists? Just think over it and answer it.

Sukhdeep Singh
(Youth Khalsa Federation)

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