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Son of Sardar – a substandard movie; but it’s good to see that the objectionable parts were removed

November 18, 2012 | By

Ludhiana/Chandiarh, Punjab (November 18, 2012): Son of Sardar, a recent Bollywood release had invited controversy as some dialogues and scenes of the movie had offended the Sikhs. The movie was released on November 13, 2012 on the eve of Diwali after removal of objectionable contents.

Advocate Navkiran Singh

Advocate Navkiran Singh who had raised initial objections against the certain contents released in the promo of the movie over YouTube has recently written on the “Wall” of his “Facebook Fans Page” terming Son of Sardar as a substandard movie. Chandigarh based Human rights lawyer has expressed satisfaction that joint efforts were able to secure the removal of “objectionable” contents.

“Watched Son of Sardar….It is a sub standard movie, but i am happy that our efforts could get the objectionable portions deleted” Navkiran Singh wrote on social networking site’s Wall on November 17, 2012.

“It also disclosed us, power of our unity and unmasked the back stabbers in our community. Good experience” he added.

What had invited the controversy?:

Ajay Devgan in and as "Son of Sardar" (Hindu god Shiva's tattoo on his chest has also attracted controversy)

Ajay Devgan in and as “Son of Sardar” (Hindu god Shiva’s tattoo on his chest has also attracted controversy)

A promo officially released on YouTube had certain dialogues that were considered as tending to show Sikhs in bad-light were prime cause of controversy. According to legal notice that was sent by Advocate Navkiran Singh to Ajay Devgn the promo had following objectionable dialogues:

“If Sikh’s were not there then who would have invented abuses like….Teree Maan Dee – Teree Bhain Dee” and also that “in case Sardar would not have been there, then on whom would the jokes be made”.

Besides that Hindu god’s tattoo on the chest of lead role played by Ajay Devgn in Son of Sardar had also invited controversy as it tends to show if Sikhs believe in idol worshiping or worshipers of Hindu gods/goddesses or deities. Where as such worshiping is forbidden in Sikh religion.

File Photo: Ajay Devgn addressing the press conference at Amritsar (September 03, 2012) .

How the controversy was settled?:

As the objections to certain aspects of “Son of Sardar” grew louder, Ajay Devgn traveled to Amritsar, Punjab and held a meeting with Sikh representatives and declared that all objectionable contents shall be removed from final print of the movie.

Sikhs, Bollywood, Controversies and Result:

Identifying the pattern working behind the Bollywood movies on Sikhs, H.S. Bawa, a senior journalist notes:-

They make a film on us….they don’t consult a Sikh….they keep something objectionable in the film…. a controversy erupts…..people say Sikhs always create controversies….they say Sikhs are always up to some trouble……..the film gets mired into a controversy… makes headlines…..gets much needed publicity…then they come to say sorry…..and tell that they have all the respect for the community……and get away with it to make moolah on the cost of Sikhs even as the damage to the Sikh community had already been done”.

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