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Babbar Akali Movement

How Babbar Akalis Broke Shackles of Psychological Slavery of British Colonial Empire?

Panth Sewak Jatha Doaba is organising a series of memorial events to mark 100 years of Babbar Akali Movement of early 1920s. Second Samagam In this event was held at village Jagatpur In Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar on 18 December 2021. Speaking on this occasion Bhai Mandhir Singh explained that how Babbar Akalis broke shackles of psychological slavery of British colonial empire.

On Uniqueness of Sikh Shahadat (Speech of Bhai Kanwaljit Singh at Balachaur)

Speaking during the Shaheedi Samagam Bhai Kanwaljit Singh (Principal of Sri Guru Anagad Dev College, Khadoor Sahib) shared his views about uniqueness of Sikh Shahadat.

Speech of Dr. Sewak Singh at Shaheedi Day of Babbar Akali Rattan Singh Rakkar

This is video recording of speech of Dr. Sewak Singh at Shaheedi Day of Babbar Akali Rattan Singh Rakkar. The Shaheedi dihara of Babbar Akali Rattan Singh Rakkar was marked by Sikh sangat at Balachaur on July 15, 2017.

Bhai Ajmer Singh on Babbar Akali Movement, Indian Nationalism and Distortion of Sikh History

Sikh intellectual and political analyst Bhai Ajmer Singh explains how the Sikh history and the Sikh symbolism, including the imago of the of Sikh Guru Sahib is being distorted in order to built the so-called Indian Nationalistic narrative.