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Bobby Friction Controversy

Controversial BBC presenter Bobby Friction apologises for using offensive term against Sikhs

BBC Asian Network presenter and controversial DJ Bobby Friction has apologised for using offensive term against the Sikhs.

Bobby Friction gets reminder of responsibilities from BBC for using offensive term about Sikhs

In response to a letter written by Jasvinder Singh of Dal Khalsa UK, BBC Asian Network's head of programming Mark Stripple has said that BBC has discussed the issue of presenter Bobby Friction's offensive comment terming Sikh as "Sikh Talibans" with him and reminded him of his responsibilities as a BBC presenter.

Dal Khalsa UK writes to BBC’s Mark Strippel over Bobby Friction’s offensive comments

Jasvinder Singh of Dal Khalsa UK has written a letter to BBC's Mark Strippel regarding use of term 'Sikh Taliban' by BBC's Radio presenter Bobby Friction.

UK Sikhs demand immediate apology for irresponsible and offensive use of the term ‘Sikh Taliban’ by BBC Radio presenter Bobby Friction

BBC radio DJ and presenter Bobby Friction has offended Sikhs by using the term ‘Sikh Taliban’ on Twitter and failing to issue an apology. Instead he has tried to justify his use of the term, that he incredibly continues to describe as a ‘metaphor’.