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Dal Khalsa UK writes to BBC’s Mark Strippel over Bobby Friction’s offensive comments

August 14, 2015 | By

London: Jasvinder Singh of Dal Khalsa UK has written a letter to BBC’s Mark Strippel regarding use of term ‘Sikh Taliban’ by BBC’s Radio presenter Bobby Friction.

Following is the full text of letter:

Dear Mark,

We write to you with deep regret in regards to the deeply offensive comments made by Bobby Friction in which he called Sikhs ‘Talibans’.In the last 48 hours ourselves & many other Sikh organisations as well as Panjabi/Sikh Media such as Sikh Channel have been getting messages from members of the UK Sikh Community to take up this issue with the BBC.

Bobby Friction was commenting on an issue of a marriage at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall Havelock Road,in which the Groom was a non Sikh but wanted to take part in the Anand Karaj Ceremony (Anand Karaj can only happen if both Bride Groom are Sikh) of a Sikh wedding after peaceful discussion with both the Gurdwara & the Groom/Bride along with their families they had a Civil Marriage at the Gurdwara & happily went to celebrate their marriage.No Violence took place & worshippers & indeed the Groom & Bride are witness to this.

The incitement of hatered by Bobby Friction against Sikhs comes at a time when Sikhs worldover are facing racial attacks & are being called ‘Terrorists’ & ‘Talibans’ due to the current climate of major conflicts in the Middle East & Racism.

The name of the BBC Asian Network & wider BBC has been put in to disrepute by Bobby Friction, as TV licence payers Sikh Organisations along with thousands of Facebook & Twitter are demanding that he apologise,but to date he has not & has openly challenged anyone who questions him.Therefore we ask for a statement from the BBC & the dismissal of this racist individual who called for violence saying ‘fight them’.

This is not the first occasion Bobby Friction has insulted Sikhs,for during the UK & London riots he called those defending Gurdwaras
‘Mini Bhindranwale’s’ in a derogatory way a reference to Mahan Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale who gave his life defending the Sri Harmandar Sahib also known in the Western World as the ‘Golden Temple’.Not only this he has on many occasions insulted Sikhs who campaign for human rights & better understanding of the Sikh Code of Conduct as ‘Extremists’ ‘Fanatics’ & now ‘Taliban’.

We ask you to please take action & restore integrity of the BBC in the eyes of the UK Sikh Community


Jasvinder Singh

Dal Khalsa UK

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