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FIBA Lifts Ban on Religious Headwear, including Sikh Dastar

In a game-changing move, FIBA, the world governing body for basketball, unanimously approved a new rule Thursday that will lift its ban on observant Sikhs and others wearing religious head coverings.

US Lawmakers want FIBA to End Discriminatory Policy Against Sikh Basketball Players

A bipartisan group of more than 40 US lawmakers have appealed to the International Basketball Federation to end an "outdated and discriminatory" policy against Sikh players over turbans.

Allow Sikhs to play with turbans, US lawmakers tell FIBA

As many as 39 US lawmakers have asked the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to change a policy requiring Sikhs and other players to remove their articles of faith, such as turbans, in international competition.

US Lawmakers Disappointed over FIBA Decision on Sikh Players

Washington, USA: Two leading US lawmakers have expressed disappointment over the decision of FIBA to continue with its policy to ban players from wearing headgears in international matches, even though it allowed them to sport religious headgear as part of a "trial period" for two years.

FIBA Ruling Falls Short, Leads to an Unequal playing field: SALDEF

Seville, Spain: The international basketball federation (FIBA) has decided to relax its ban on religious headcoverings in limited circumstances as part of a “trial period.” Sikh NGOs SALDEF and the Sikh Coalition have expressed concerns over the ruling saying that it falls short and leads to unequal playing field. US based NGOs have declared to follow-up with FIBA to understand exactly how the new rules will apply to Sikhs.

FIBA relaxes ban on Sikh turbans

Switzerland: Basketball's governing body FIBA is learnt to have relaxed rules related to wearing Turbans and other headgear by players. The decision came after world-wide criticism of FIBA over it's controversial decision imposing ban on Sikh basketball players to wear a patka/ small-turban during matches.

FIBA Maintains Turban Ban; Sikhs Urged to #CallFoulonFIBA : Sikh Coalition

The Sikh Coalition has expressed shocked over FIBA’s arrogance and insensitivity. It has appealed to the turbaned Sikhs and their friends throughout the world to participate in Sikh Coalition's #CallFoulonFIBA video campaign.

FIBA delays ruling on Turban ban on Sikh basketball players

Seville (August 29, 2014): The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) announced on August 28 that it would not reverse Article 4.4.2, which bans players from wearing dastaars (turbans) on the court.

Sikh Basketball Players Receive U.S. Congressional Backing; FIBA may discuss Turban Ban in upcoming Spain meet

Washington, DC (August 20, 2014): Led by New York Congressman Joseph Crowley and California Congressman Ami Bera, 21 members of the U.S. Congress sent a letter today to the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) calling for an end to FIBA’s ban on Sikh turbans.

Sikh basketball players asked to remove turbans under disguise of ‘dangerous objects’ FIBA rule

Wuhan, China (July 18, 2014): Last Saturday night in Wuhan, China, moments before the beginning of the Asia Cup’s India vs. Japan game, referees told two Sikh player paying for Indian team – Amrit Pal Singh and Amjyot Singh that they were violating Article 4.4.2 of FIBA’s official rules, which states that “Players shall not wear equipment (objects) that may cause injury to other players.”