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Professor Joga Singh

Scholars, Politicians Shared Views About Need of ‘Federalism and Autonomy’ in Indian Peninsula

Dr. Dharamvira Gandhi Member Parliament led "Punjab Manch" yesterday yesterday held a political convention to discuss the issue of "Federalism and Autonomy" in Indian peninsula at Bhakna Bhawan, Sector 29 D Chandigarh.

Prof. Joga Singh on Languages Of The Sub-Continent And The Process Of Indian Nation Building

Dr. Joga Singh, (Professor, Department of Linguistics and Punjabi Lexicography, Punjabi University, Patiala) chaired the second session of this seminar. This is video recording of speech of Professor Joga Singh.

Brief Report of Seminar by Samvad on “Languages of Sub-Continent and Process of Indian National Building”

A seminar on “Languages of Sub-Continent and Process of Indian National Building” was organised by Samvad, an organisation to held interaction on socio-political issues, at Punjabi Bhawan, Ludhiana today...n

Punjabi is capable of being medium of education from Primary to Higher Studies [Qaumi Masle – EP – 20]

In this episode of Qaumi Masle Dr. Joga Singh shattered the misconception that Punjabi lacks medical or technical terminology. He also referred to the results of international research to emphasize that mother languages should be medium of education.

On Medium of Education with Special reference to Punjabi Language [Qaumi Masle – EP 19]

Education is one of the basics of individual and social life. It's of equal importance that what language should be the medium of Education. At global level there has been a wide debate on this issue and international research has repeatedly highlighted the fact that most effective medium of education is the mother language of the child to be educated.

Seminar Report: Experts worried about marginalization of Punjabi in education, media and social use

Patiala (October 05, 2011): Linguistics and media experts raised the issues of marginalization as well as distortion of Punjabi language in education, media and social use, during the seminar organized by a students’ body at Arts Auditorium, Punjabi University, Patiala on October 05, 2011. Sikh Students Federation, the premier body of Sikh Students in Punjab, organized the seminar on “contemporary condition of Punjabi language” with special focus on its’ use in education and media.