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Extradition Proceedings Against 3 West Midland Sikh Activists Dropped in UK

Extradition proceedings against three West Midland based Sikh activists in UK were dropped today. Indian government was seeking their extradition alleging that they were linked with some incidents of offences committed in India. During today’s proceedings at West Minister Magistrate’s Court the Crown Prosecution Services dropped extradition proceedings against trio.

On India’s Republic Day, Dal Khalsa sends memo to Indian PM Dr Manmohan Singh

India today is an opportunistic state, whose secularism has been sacrificed many a time at the altar of the needs of the political parties and their leaders. Our sensitivity and sensibilities are under attack all the time. We see no real future for our people.

Sehajdhari Issue – (1) HC issued notice to Centre, Punjab, SGPC and Gurudwara EC; next hearing on 8 Feb. (2) Why situation is so confusing?

The main reason behind static and confused situation on this issue could be the complex nature of issue, which on the one hand relates to the internal dynamics of the Sikh society (the definition of Sehajdhari and their role) and on the other hand it is related to relations of Sikhs with the Indian State (the Sikh Gurudwara Management Act, 1925; the role of Indian Parliament in Sikh religious affairs regarding amendment etc. of the 1925 Act and role of Indian courts being interpretting authority in relation to the said Act.).