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Sikh Students Association

Sikh Students Association holds Sikh Awareness Week

To share and promote the values of Sikhi on campus, the Sikh Students Association organized Sikh Awareness Week, which took place from March 14 to 17. Students and professors from different ethnicities and religious backgrounds participated in the events throughout the week.

Sikh students try to bring clarity to their religion, identity

Sumeet Kaur, president of the Sikh Student Association, said the first installment of the series – which featured a villain who wore a turban – sparked grade-school taunts that she and other Sikhs deflected for years. Now, Kaur and fellow SSA members are pushing for more Sikh-oriented events on campus to expand public knowledge of the faith.

SMU’s Sikh Students Association organized event – Human Rights: A Sikh Story to commemorate November 1984 anniversary

Dallas, United States (November 16, 2012): According to report published on the "The Daily Campus" website Southern Methodist University’s Sikh Student Association (SSA) organized an event called “Human Rights: A Sikh Story” to commemorate the 28th anniversary of the 1984 Sikh Massacre in India. The even also marked discussion regarding the Wisconsin shooting at the Oak Creek (Wisconsin) Sikh Temple Gurudwara Sahib in August, 2012.