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Sikh Turban

Sikh Federation (UK) write to Nicky Morgan after Sikh schoolgirls asked to remove turbans by Southhampton School

Sikh Federation (UK) has written a letter to Nicky Morgan about racial and religious discrimination at St Anne’s Catholic School, Southampton demanding internal grievance process at the school to be immediately actioned and the teacher suspended pending an investigation.

Illinois to Dastar/ Sikh Turban on Driver’s License Photos

After complaints from Sikh groups, the state of Illinois is reportedly telling DMV workers that anyone wearing a religious head covering doesn't have to take it off for a driver's license or photo ID.

WSO Canada welcomes reversal of Airport Turban Screening Procedure

The World Sikh Organization of Canada welcomes the reversal of a recently introduced mandatory Explosive Trace Detection turban screening procedure at Canadian airports.

Did NZ Sikh Harman Singh really break religious protocol or place humanity above Sikhi by removing his turban?

[T]he fact is that Harman Singh did nothing more than follow an inherent command of Sikh values to extend selfless service to a person in need of such humanitarian help... he did not break any religious protocol nor did he place humanity above his religion; rather he just followed the path shown by Sikhi.

USA: New Jersey authorities seek formal apology for removing Sikh’s turban for Driver’s Licence Photo

A news update by United Sikhs says a Sikh named Samitter Singh has received a written apology from the Motor Vehicles Commission in New Jersey in response to violation of his religious freedom.

UK Sikh gets compensation over Prison Turban-pin challenge

A Sikh solicitor has won undisclosed compensation after being barred from entering a prison to visit a client because he had pins in his turban.

Parents outraged after Convent School punished student for wearing Sikh turban in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur, Punjab: A Convent School in Hoshiarpur invited outrage when it ‘punished’ students of ninth and tenth standard for wearing Dastar (Sikh turbans).

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office writes to Dept. of Corrections in Sikh Turban removal case

New York, USA: Mr. Gurbhej Singh Sandhu, an elderly Sikh gentleman, had his religious freedom violated by the New York City Department of Correction (DOC). Mr.Sandhu visited Rikers Island Correctional Facility on numerous occasions since February 2012 to meet with his son, who was serving a sentence at the facility. Mr.Sandhu was made to remove his turban on every occasion he went to meet his son at Rikers Island, including on November 13, 2013.

Legal Victory: Belgian Supreme Court overturns ban on turban in GO school

St Truiden, Belgium: The Belgian Conseil d’Etat has upheld the freedom of religion of Sikh students by overturning the ban on the Sikh Turban in a GO school, which is part of a large group of schools attended by many Sikh students in the Flemish part of Belgium.

Turbaned Sikh Woman Finally Allowed to Serve in Uniform

Fremont, CA: Two years ago, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB1964, or the California Workplace Religious Freedom Act (WRFA), into law. AB1964 prohibits religion-based segregation in the workplace and strengthens the legal standard for religious accommodations in favor of employees and job applicants. AB1964, which went into effect in January 2013, provides workers in California the nation’s strongest protections against religious discrimination.

FIBA Ruling Falls Short, Leads to an Unequal playing field: SALDEF

Seville, Spain: The international basketball federation (FIBA) has decided to relax its ban on religious headcoverings in limited circumstances as part of a “trial period.” Sikh NGOs SALDEF and the Sikh Coalition have expressed concerns over the ruling saying that it falls short and leads to unequal playing field. US based NGOs have declared to follow-up with FIBA to understand exactly how the new rules will apply to Sikhs.

FIBA relaxes ban on Sikh turbans

Switzerland: Basketball's governing body FIBA is learnt to have relaxed rules related to wearing Turbans and other headgear by players. The decision came after world-wide criticism of FIBA over it's controversial decision imposing ban on Sikh basketball players to wear a patka/ small-turban during matches.

Michigan Sikh Youth Responds to ‘Towel Head’ Comments

Moving back has been great after a long and busy summer. I was thrilled to see my friends again, excited to meet my new residents in South Quad and both nostalgic and ecstatic to start my last year here. But new years and people also bring new problems, and unfortunately Labor Day evening was a testament to that.

Sikh basketball players asked to remove turbans under disguise of ‘dangerous objects’ FIBA rule

Wuhan, China (July 18, 2014): Last Saturday night in Wuhan, China, moments before the beginning of the Asia Cup’s India vs. Japan game, referees told two Sikh player paying for Indian team – Amrit Pal Singh and Amjyot Singh that they were violating Article 4.4.2 of FIBA’s official rules, which states that “Players shall not wear equipment (objects) that may cause injury to other players.”

Sukhdarshan Singh Gill (Finland) helps his son to tie his turban

Finland: Sikh bus driver finally overturns Vantaa turban ban

Vantaa, Finland (February 27, 2014): According to a news reported by Yle News ( [a] bus driver in Vantaa has won his fight to wear a turban at work. His year-long dispute with the Veolia bus company was resolved thanks to an agreement between the Transport Workers Union (AKT) and the employers’ organisation (ALT). The resolution was reported first by Helsingin Sanomat.

UK close to changing work law on turbans for Sikhs

London, United Kingdom (Febraury 24, 2014): As per information the England is close to changing employment laws to remove an anomaly that meant Sikhs were exempt from wearing head protection in a high hazard industry such as construction, but were required to do so in lower hazard workplaces.

Op-ED: Sikh Americans Remain Uncertain of New Pentagon Rules

Despite public heralding of the brand new Pentagon rules signaling a renewed commitment to religious accommodation, the rules actually generate more confusion than promise. There's been talk of turbans and beards, religious liberty and inclusion galore.

Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi was granted a religious accommodation by the US army in 2009

World Sikh Council (AR) Welcomes Easing Restrictions on Turban, Beard & Articles of Faith in US Military

Washington, DC (January 26, 2014): The World Sikh Council - America Region (WSC-AR) has welcomed the decision of US Military administration to ease the regulations restricting religious attire.

Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense [File Photo]

US: Commission on Civil Rights asked Defense Secretary Hagel to Explain Exclusion of Sikhs from Military

Washington, USA (January 04, 2013): As per information a U.S. commission has asked Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to explain the exclusion of Sikh Americans from the American armed forces.

Emirates Airlines confirms Turban ban for Sikh pilots; Says its uniform roles don’t allow turbans

New Delhi, India (November 06, 2013): It is learn that the Emirates Airlines, the airlines has issued a clarification regarding the accusations leveled by a Sikh pilot that he was discriminated against by the Gulf-based Airlines because he use to wear a Sikh turban.

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