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Sikh Turban

Teacher Who Objected to Sikh Student’s Turban Removed From Duty

As per reports, a Class XII Sikh student was allegedly forced to remove his turban during a security check before appearing for an exam at a school in Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district.

Aussie Sikh Student Wins Discrimination Case against Christian School [Copy of Full Judgement]

In a landmark decision, the Victorian Administrative and Civil Tribunal (VCAT) ruled on Tuesday that 5 year old Sidhak Singh had been unlawfully discriminated by a Christian school that had refused to enrol him because he had unshorn hair and wore a patka, a head covering worn by Sikh children.

SGPC Objects to Disrespect to Dastar by Modi Govt. in GST Ad

SGPC has made strong objection to an advertisement issued by the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) showing a non-Sikh wearing a Dastar and portraying him as a Sikh instead of use an image of a Sikh person with Dastar.

FIBA Lifts Ban on Religious Headwear, including Sikh Dastar

In a game-changing move, FIBA, the world governing body for basketball, unanimously approved a new rule Thursday that will lift its ban on observant Sikhs and others wearing religious head coverings.

Turban Day: New York’s Times Square soaks in Sikh culture

The iconic Times Square was soaked in the colours and tradition of the Sikh culture on the Turban (Dastar) day organised by Sikhs of New York.

Sikhs Exempted from Mandatory Helmet Law for OHV in Alberta (Canada)

World Sikh Organization of Canada welcomes the exemption for turbaned Sikh Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) riders from helmet requirements in Alberta’s amendments to the Traffic Safety Act and Off-Highway Vehicle Regulation.

NDP MPP Jagmeet Singh reintroduced bill for Sikh motorcycle helmet exemption

NDP MPP Jagmeet Singh (Bramalea-Gore-Malton) introduced a bill today calling for an exemption to motorcycle helmet laws for turbaned Sikhs.

Quebec Court denies helmet exception for Sikh workers

As per media reports a Quebec judge has ruled Dastar (turban)-wearing Sikh truck drivers must wear hard hats (helmets) in the workplace, disallowing any exception in safety standards.

Dastar awareness march conducted in Faridkot

Local Sikh Sangat of Faridkot, particularly the youth, held a ‘ Turban Awareness March ’ dedicated to the martyrdom of Shaheed Krishan Bhagwan Singh and Gurjit Singh in Faridkot district on May 22.

Six booked under blasphemy law for desecrating a Sikh’s turban in Pakistan

In an unprecedented move, six Pakistanis have been booked under the blasphemy law for manhandling a Sikh and desecrating his turban. The case was registered at the Chichawatni city police station by a Pakistani Sikh by the name of Mahinder Paal Singh.

Sikh teenage author forced to remove turban at US airport

As per media reports Karanveer Singh Pannu, a US based Sikh teenager who authored a book about bullying that the Sikh school children faces in the US was forced to remove his turban at the Meadows Field Airport in Bakersfield, California.

Australian Sikh student under shock after being mocked, attacked for wearing turban

A suspected racial attack on a teenager Sikh student in Melbourne has held him and his family in deep shock. Harjeet Singh, 13, was assaulted, mocked and threatened with being stabbed for wearing a turban.

UK MP dons in Turban to support #MyTurbanMyCrown campaign

A UK Member of Parliament, Rt Hon Rob Wilson, MP for Reading East, visited his local Sikh Community over the past two weekends to see the local initiative that they have been involved in.

Sikh Network issues guidance for airports worldwide on how to respectfully treat the Dastaar (Sikh turban)

The Sikh Network has issued guidance for airports worldwide on how to respectfully treat the Dastaar (Sikh turban).

United Sikhs urges Visiting French President to Reverse the Turban Ban

United Sikhs have once again urged visiting French President Francois Hollande to reverse the turban ban in France.

US Army Sikh soldier permitted to keep wear turban

For the first time in five years, a decorated Sikh American has been granted a temporary 30-day religious accommodation to serve in the U.S. military while maintaining his Sikh articles of faith.

UK Govt. new rules allow Sikhs to wear Dastar (Turban) on workplaces

A release by UK government says that new rules mean Sikhs across the UK will no longer face the prospect of disciplinary action for wearing turbans in the workplace.

Sangrur Sikhs save lives of 8 drowning youth using Dastar (Turban)

In a heroic act two Sikh men from Sangrur saved lives of eight drowning youth during Ganesha idol immersion at Sullar Gharaat village in Sangrur.

Sikh Human Rights group raises France Turban issue in UH Human Rights Council

The Sikh Human Rights Group wishes to draw Human Rights Council’s attention to the continuing degrading treatment of Sikh children in schools in France where the State’s inflexible narrow understanding of secularity continues to violate the dignity and self respect of Sikh children.

UK Education Secretary responds to Sikh Federation UK on Dastar issue

UK's Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has warned schools must do more to ensure their uniforms respect the needs of Britain's diverse religious and cultural communities.

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