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Sikhs in Calgary

First Sikh & Hindu Afghan Refugee Families Arrive in Canada

First Sikh and Hindu refugee families from Afghanistan to Canada on March 12, 2019. The first two refugee families arrived in Calgary.

Bhai Ajmer Singh’s Speech At Calgary [Sept. 2017] On Sovereignty & Contemporary Panthic Situation

This is video recording of speech of Bhai Ajmer Singh at Calgary in Canada. In this speech, that was delivered on September 17, 2017 Bhai Ajmer Singh presented his views on Contemporary Panthic Situation.

Senior Journalist Jaspal Singh Sidhu on Komagatamaru Da Asli Sach book at Calgary (Canada) [2017]

A book titled Komagatamaru Da Asli Sach, book penned by Rajwinder Singh Rahi, was released in Calgary (Canada) on September 17, 2017. Senior journalist Jaspal Singh Sidhu introduced the book to the audience.

Book ‘Komagata Maru Da Asli Sach’ (The Real Story of Komagata Maru) Released in Calgary

A book, ‘Komagata Maru Da Asli Sach’ (The Real Story of Komagata Maru) authored by eminent writer Rajwinder Singh Rahi in Punjabi language released in Calgery.

Sukhbir Badal Condemned Vandalism of a Gurudwara in Calagary

Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal yesterday strongly condemned the defacing of a Gurudwara sahib in Calagary of Canada.

World Sikh Organization condemns racist vandalism of Calgary Gurdwara Sahib

The World Sikh Organization of Canada condemns the racist vandalism of the Sikh Society of Calgary that took place early on Thursday morning. The racist graffiti included a swastika and profanity.

How and Why word Terrorist was introduced for Sikhs by Indian media during early 1980s?

Senior Journalist (UNI Retd.) Jaspal Singh Sidhu says that Indian Media under well calculated state police campaigned to built general impression against the Sikh struggle. He said that the word terrorist was introduced for armed Sikh activists in early 1980s to create extreme adverse opinion against the Sikhs amongst Indians.

Sikh Historian Ajmer Singh – Calgary Speech [Book Release in Calgary]

This is video recording of Special Lecture of Sikh intellectual and historian Sirdar Ajmer Singh about his newly released book “Ideological Encirclement of Sikhs after Massacre of 1984″.

KMO calls upon Canadian Sikh Community to boycott funeral of human rights abuser

Edmonton/ Calgary: In the midst of the Canadian Sikh community lived a man who was responsible for the torture of thousands of Sikhs and the deaths of hundreds of Sikhs at a conservative estimate. His Name is Gurmail Bai (Gurmail Grewal). He recently died living easy life here in Canada. (Calgary/Edmonton). He was a regular caller at various radio station in Alberta where he presented himself as just and honest police officer. He would further proclaim his sympathy for various victim families and blamed all state atrocities on few bad apples in Punjab police. Which could not be furthest from truth.

More than twenty thousand Sikhs gather for annual Nagar Kirtan in Calgary

Calgary, Canada (May 13, 2014): Thousands of Calgarians gathered in the north-east community of Martindale on Saturday (May 10) to celebrate the month of Vaisakhi.

Sikh Community reaches out to serve in aftermath of Calgary floods

Calgary (June 24, 2013): The Sikh community of Calgary and the World Sikh Organization of Canada have been reaching out to serve in the aftermath of severe flooding in the city. Thousands of Calgary residents were forced to evacuate after rising water levels shut down the city core and left many neighbourhoods flooded.