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New Transport Policy To End The Transport Mafia Claims Punjab Govt

The Punjab government here on Wednesday to put an end to the  monopolistic practices and cartelisation in the transport sector passed the much-awaited new

Transport Mafia With Still Active In Punjab, Both Congress Badal Dal Supporting Them Says H S Phoolka

In a press note issued by the leader of opposition in the Punjab assembly and senior leader of Punjab unit of the Aam Adami Party (AAP) Advocate

Punjab Govt Holds Transport Policy, Private Buses With Illegal Permits Having Free Run

As per the media reports even after the change of government in the state the private buses with illegal route extensions permits provided under previous

New Transport Policy To Tame Free Run Of Badal Buses

The Punjab government is mulling to introduce a new transport policy for the state that may end the monopoly of the Badal family owned transport companies that they had been enjoying from the last 10 years, the new transport policy is expected to come out within two weeks.