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Animating Sikh History [Op-Ed]

June 8, 2019 | By

by Avtar Singh

The trend of animating Sikh History is getting prevalent these days. With the flow of information and under the influence of technical advantages, a part of Sikh Sangat is being enticed by some vested interests that they are serving the Panth by animating the Sikh history. The plea these forces are taking is that it is the modern medium to interpret the Gurmat and to construct a positive aspect of Sikh history.

This trend of animating Sikh history started with the animation movie Char Sahibzade. Due to its economic success more players are coming in the forefront with their engineered logics.

Due to the weaknesses of our top Dharmik (religious) leadership and the collusion of market forces with the religious and political Sikh leadership, this trend is getting silent backing of our institutions, especially SGPC.

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It has been categorically mentioned in the Sikh Code that we are not allowed to draw pictures or act personally on the name of Gurus or the respected Sikh personalities. It is termed as Idol Worship (Murti Pooja/Buttprasti) which is not permitted in Gurmat in any form.

Gurmat was a paradigm shift ideologically from the Hindu civilisation. There is no similarity in Hindu and Sikh ethos and ideals. Both are poles apart in the terms of ideology and practises. The Sikh spirituality has no place of these dances, acts, pictures and animations. Even the spiritual value of Gurbani is not confined to its mere meanings. It is something beyond the meanings and translations. The spirituality of Sikh ethos is not a technical thing to be described and translated in the words of people like us, who cannot feel and sense the spirit and real aspect of Gurbani and the history created on those spiritual values. The humble martyrdoms and the great Sikh valour is the pride which we can feel. It cannot be animated like a console game. Sikh valour is not a console game, which the market forces are trying to convert it to.

Professor Harinder Singh Mehboob in his classical Sikh history book, Sehje Racheo Khalsa describe this trend as the degenerative process of complete vile. According to him, The Brahiminical forces with, scornful sick thought; nonsense, silliness and absurdity are trying regularly to decimate Sikh spirituality with their empty substitutes, to create diseased inertia (physical and mental) and dry emptiness of death.
So these attempts of animating Sikh history which are completely against the Gurmat are the continuity of the trend of Brahminical forces which are up in arm to malign the delicate Revelation of Khalsa panth.

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It is the continuity of that ideological warfare which is going on regularly from day one with the vile forces, called BIPAR SANSKAR. Real Sikhs have to be careful in this war of ideas. We do not need that kind of PARCHAR which is compromising our core values. MURTI PUJA is categorically denied in Gurmat. Animating movies are the advanced part of the MURTI POOJA. Guramat is not about the quantity, but quality. We do not need to convert people from other faiths to Sikhism. We need to strengthen our roots with the ways prescribed by the Khalsa Panth.

When any nation is in ideological crisis, at that time it is the responsibility of the preachers and religious leaders to hold the baton and lead the nation to its salvation within the ideological limits of that nation.
The people behind this modern trend of animating Sikh history are taking the plea that they are doing this for our future generations. Mostly the view point coming from West has this kind of taste. But in West, Islam has propagated its faith values without any animation film or ordinary picture. Everyday after school, every Muslim child from 6 years to 15 years could be seen going to Mosque to learn about their religious text and unique history. If Muslim society can survive religiously without animating their text and history why can’t we?

We have to think twice while indulging in this non-panthic practice. We appeal all, who are part and parcel of this modern trend, not to go against the values of Gurmat and not be entrapped by the vile forces, who are up in arms to denigrate Sikh values. Sikhs in history never gave up to their ethos and moral values. Our fore fathers and our martyrs are our models. Let us lit the candle of their purity and perfection in our hearts and save our nation from further erosion. Let us uphold and espouse Sikh values and do Sewa as  Guru directed us to do.

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